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@ArtMatters (and anyone else who cares to weigh in)

This falls into the non-questions about financial non-advice category.

How would you force rank the following US ticker symbols for stocks - best to worst, based on whatever criteria you feel applies.


Add others to the mix if you wish.


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    1. FNV = Pros: Best precious metals risk adjusted return opportunity. Most stable, most diversified. Pays dividend. No debt.
    Cons: Carries highest premium on a valuation basis. Exposure to oil and gas sector.

    2. SAND= Pros: Best potential growth, highly diversified, small market capitalization. Massive upside optionality. High leverage to gold price. Potential take over target (potential acquirers FNV SLW etc).
    Cons: Some debt, no dividend (yet). Misunderstand legacy (people still associate with jr counter party risk). under $5 so institutions can't buy.

    3. SLW = Pros: Enormous cash flows, highly diversified, high leverage to silver (some to gold). Most counter- parties in low cost quartile. Proven model, multi billion market cap. Pays dividend.

    Cons: Main con is that SLW is battling the Canadian government regarding taxation issues. Uncertain outcome.

    4. AG= Pros: Highly leveraged to silver, cashed up due to recent financing. Excellent management. Aggressive management.
    Cons: Not diversified as far as geographical risk, all assets in Mexico. Leveraged to silver can work against shareholders. Not a royalty company. No dividend.

    5. BTGDF= Pros: BEST MANAGEMENT EVER @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb @Darrell . Super fast growth, huge market share upside potential. Well capitalized.
    Cons: Specualtive phase. Unproven profitability. Extremely high market valuation. <----- (kills me to say these cons)

    6. AXU = Pros: Extreme leverage to silver. Take over target. High grades. Additional cash flowing envoirmental business. Not in production (silver safe in ground)
    Cons: More financings expected. Must pay back SLW $20 million. not in production( silver not generating cash flow). Can't produce with silver at this pricing.

    That's top of my head....
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    Pros and cons well argued B)
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    You got a laugh out of "it kills me to say these cons" B)
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    @79Au197 I'm emotionally biased to Bitgold. Plus, because of the Man Crush with @Roy Sebag and @Josh Crumb , it's possible my opinions are tainted :)
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    @ArtMatters for that very reason I had BTGDF at #1
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    @79Au197 I hope you're right :)
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    Hi @79Au197 From all the above and my choice is only 3
    1. BTGDF
    2. AU
    3. AG
    For simple reason with BTGDF, we can come to AU and AG and this is my objective.
    The rest 3 is non of my choices. Why? I am too old to know and I don't know.
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