What BitGold is NOT

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What is BitGold? Let's begin with what it is NOT.

BitGold is NOT a scam. It is the real deal.

BitGold is NOT a pyramid, ponzi, or MLM scheme. It is a way for anyone to adopt their own personal gold standard.

BitGold is NOT a get-rich scheme or a way to make money. It is a way to save your hard earned money in the time-proven medium of physical gold.

BitGold is NOT BitCoin or any other type of blockchain cryptocurrency. BitGold is a financial institution that conforms to the laws of every country in which it operates, follows Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering regulations. You are not anonymous, yet your security is better protected than at any other financial institution.

BitGold is NOT paper or digital gold. BitGold is 100% allocated physical gold stored in any of seven BINKS vaults around the globe. It is always your gold, BitGold only manages it for you under Canadian bailment law.

BitGold is NOT expensive. Basic transaction fees are only 1% with no storage fees. Slightly more for physical gold redemption.

BitGold IS the easiest way to save with and use the oldest form of money … GOLD.


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