Walking dead

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For some reason I got hooked into watching the show the walking dead. I had heard of it in the past but one night I was looking on netflix and started watching it and was instantly hooked. I have watched all 5 seasons that are on netflix. I know there's a 6 but haven't watched it yet.

I think what I find so interesting about this show and now the spinoff " Fear the walking dead" is that the show started off for me to be about zombies being the enemy but as it goes on other living people end up being the real enemy. The zombies end up just being the window dressing or just a backdrop. It something that I had never really thought of.
The weak do not last. Murder becomes a way of life to survive. Most take from other people what they need at gunpoint or they loot for supplies. Things are just taken not bartered for.
In the case of the spinoff the military zones off sections of the city with a fence and it becomes a prison to it's citizen's. Nobody can leave. They guard the fence. Patrol the city and kill the rest. They tell the people inside that it's to protect them from the sickness spreading.
Anybody who gets sick gets taken away and disposed of. There given no news or information.

My point,
I used to think that if I had gold I could survive. Get food, whatever I needed. I wonder though if won't matter. It would just be taken from me at gunpoint. I had a friend who told me my gold won't matter when it comes down to it. He has guns and he would take it from me.
I read so many stories about if the financial system melted down and you are smart enough to own gold you would be fine. I don't really believe that anymore.

I hope this never happens. I buy gold to protect my purchasing power in this time. I used to buy it with a different mind frame of surviving. Not anymore.

I wonder how others out there feel. Why do you buy gold? Do you believe if it came down to a complete breakdown of society that it would help you? I built a garden for the same reason. Now I realize that if I can't protect myself in other ways that food would just be taken from me.

I'm really interested in what others think. Why do you buy gold? What do you think if the system totally broke down? What do you think it would look like?


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