Welcome all newcomers

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Welcome to the BitGold Community Forum. Please feel free to ask questions or start new discussions. We are a very welcoming community. We were all new to this not all that long ago. Rest assured that we will do our best to answer your questions or listen to your ideas. "Flaming" and ridiculeis self-policed and rude comments frequently disappear, so don't be afraid to ask about anything at all.

I do have a few suggestions to make life easier for you.

1) although it is possible to post a message directly to an individual's wall, it is better to post to the entire community

2) if it is an actual question please use the "Ask the Community" option as it has better answer tracking functionality

3) otherwise use the "Start as Discussion" option for beginning discussions on particular topics or announcing newsworthy items

4) learn how to use the "I'm looking for" search tool. It can save you a lot of time.

5) " The Legend @Melanie " is the main admin. Be nice to her. She routinely performs miracles when not walking on water for exercise. Specific questions about your account or circumstances should be directed to @Melanie . Likewise you can flag me in a discussion by referencing @79Au197 , etc. Other knowledgeable folks are @rohanibuang61 @BigD @Uvas @ArtMatters @zulu1520 @Conno123 @nigelmarkdias - apologies to anyone I forgot to list.

Welcome to the Community. Learn. Contribute. Have fun.



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