Posting Tips

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To get the most out of your posts, we've put together some simple tips for creating a post.

Descriptive title
Other users will see the title when searching for posts, so if your title is descriptive it may tell them there's an answer they need already written! Also, if your title is interesting, you might get your question answered pretty quickly.

Provide details in your post
Will someone new know what you are talking about? Provide any relevant background information or context.

Does a post like yours already exist?
Try not to repeat posts that already exist, if you need further details to a post you can always ask a follow up question.

Spelling and grammar
The clearer you are with your post, the more likely another user will respond.

Treat other members like friends
We're all part of once big community, so let's treat each other with respect. If someone is frustrating you in a response to your help, it's also likely they are trying to help. Be patient, positive and you'll get a better outcome.
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