I am still waiting the card to arrive soon to my address..unfortunately

I just received a message from BitGold support said that they could not find my business application on requesting the prepaid card. In my dashboard the Prepaid Card is inactive and no button available to request the first card except 'request another card'. For 2 weeks I have being wasting my time waiting for prepaid card to arrive.

It is a very bad support. My first e mail asking the Prepaid card status was misunderstood, BitGold give me an advice on how to change my profile. This is CRAZY ...

Please help or I ll close my account.



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    Be patient, @Melanie maybe you can help him
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    @KajangGuy - I fully understand your frustration. Since the card is not shipped out by GoldMoney, but rather the company providing branded Prepaid card services, BitGold has no way of knowing if you got your card unless you notify them. It is shipped by normal post from the UK. Depending on where you live it can be a week or more or worse. If I tell that most of us got our cards within a week or two it doesn't help the fact that you don't have yours.

    @zulu1520 has already summoned @Melanie into this discussion, but you should still send an email to [email protected] or call one the numbers listed at http://support.bitgold.com

    I would urge patience to see if it arrives this week or next, but definitely contact support now if you have not done so already.
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    Hi and welcome @KajangGuy Actually your card will come from Canada under normal Royal Canadian Mail.
    Basing on my experienced, it will take about 3-4 weeks to arrive Malaysia.
    Just relax and give some allowance to the delivery time duration and will be OK.
    Shouldn't worry at all as I did everything on my BitGold platform.
    I am in possesion too with GoldMoney card, physical gold and silver from BitGold.
    The best part, I can claim to be the 1st. Malaysian feminine in this community site and already active months back.
    I got promoted to the leaderboard of BitGold and thanks god to be one on the leading active lady here.
    The best part I got token of monthly free Gold bonus too from BitGold.
    You can refer to @79Au197 as I consider him superb and knowledgeable guy here as your reference to anything about BitGold :)
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    edited June 2016

    I didn't keep the envelope but I thought my card was shipped from the UK - but it would not be the first time I my memory was faulty.

    Let us summon The Legend @Melanie to answer this. Is it possible the cards are shipped from multiple locations or am I remembering incorrectly? Thanks!
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    It looks like our support team has gotten back to you! As noted, card arrival can take 10-15 business days (occasionally a couple of days more when ending to Malaysia, as Rohani can tell you) and we are still within that timeframe for your request.

    Most cards are sent directly from the UK, but if a card needs to be reissued it gets sent from our Toronto office.
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    Melanie said:

    Most cards are sent directly from the UK, but if a card needs to be reissued it gets sent from our Toronto office.

    Looks like we are both correct B)

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