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So I was chatting on the phone today with The Legend … that's right I've got a private line to @Melanie * … and the talk got around to my favorite topic the GoldCube™. If you have followed me long enough you know that I am obsessed with them, even going so far as to speculate on how they are made.

We talked about my suggestion for an 80g SuperCube** and the 270g MegaCube***. The Legend even mentioned that they had talked about it in the office and how cool it would be to have one just to toss around. But it is the original 10g GoldCube™ that will continue to be the physical marketing icon for BitGold. We also talked about the tshirt and how @AlexDeluce had hooked me up with one based on my eBay store "winnings". Thanks again Alex!

Somehow the topic got around to one of my recurring whinges - a How It's Made style video on how the GoldCube™ is actually made and packaged. I repeated my assertion that it would be great marketing material and she told be the idea isn't dead, just that as you might expect everyone is busy, busy, busy. Maybe with @gdecter on board some time can be found for this. The GoldCube™ is unique in all of the industry to BitGold and should get more press.

I would think a 5 to 10 minute video would be about the right length of time without becoming tedious. This is about the length of time for a How It's Made segment. In fact since How It's Made is actually produced by the Canadian firm Productions MAJ, Inc. and Productions MAJ 2 … maybe GoldMoney could work out a deal to have an actual How It's Made segment produced. Hint Hint Hint. How cool would that be!

In addition to finally learning how the GoldCube™ is actually made, I would also like to learn the history behind it. Who first thought of it? @Roy Sebag ? @Josh Crumb ? Someone else? You have to admit that it is pure genius****. Maybe this could be included in the segment.

In closing I want to add that selling the GoldCube™ on the eBay store is another stroke of genius*****. That is where I first learned that are made by Sunshine Mint.

GoldCube™ Stackers Unite! B)

* that's a lie (I emailed support and asked her to call me, which she did amazingly fast)
** my name
*** also my name
**** am I "sucking up" too much?
***** OK, maybe a bit


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