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Go there. Bid on GoldCubes. Cheaper* than spot. Cheaper* than physical redemption.

So … @AlexDeluce @gdecter @Melanie (The Legend) you have a real asset in the eBay store. Marketing heaven. Marketing that PAYS you. Seriously, everyone reading this will pay money** for BitGold tshirts, BitGold ball caps, BitGold stuff. Of course we want it to say BitGold with Payments and Savings in Gold underneath. we have told you this many times.

But, but, but … what about a GoldMoney store that sells GoldCubes, tshirts, ball caps, hoodies, golf shirts, all manner of BitGold logo merchandise, but … wait for it, wait for it … with GOLD***.

Anyone with a BitGold account can shop at the GoldMoney online store and purchase mechandise with gold. If you don't have a BitGold account no problem. Sign up online.
@gdecter what do you think? Readers, what do you think? Willing to part with a little GAU for some GoldMoney and/or BitGold logo wear?


* well they were cheaper, but now that the word is out …
** actually fiat currency
*** aka real money


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