Light Hearted Thoughts on Rebranding

79Au19779Au197 Posts: 4,047 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
With all of the challenges and hard work facing the BitGold Goldmoney staff in the coming months, I thought I would add some tongue-in-suggestions to simplify the process.

@Melanie must henceforth be referred to as former-CSIS agent "The Legend" @Melanie for her ability to keep secrets under even the most stringent forms of interrogation.

Although we all certainly hope it will never come to this, the following clip is an appropriate tribute under the circumstances.

As the rebranding progresses we will all be tempted to use the beloved name of "BitGold", but resist the urge at all costs. If you must use it the, S or strike-through, option located on the tool bar as shown below

can be used as follows: BitGold Goldmoney Personal.

Alternatively one could use the acronym SFKAB to denote the Service Fomerly Known As BitGold.

Sadly, I have no suggestions on dealing with the Whack--A-Mole issues of making sure that GoldMoney is always spelled Goldmoney. This will just require patience and diligence.

Onward and upward. B)


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