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@Melanie @Em13 @ParisG @gdecter

Almost immediately before the rebranding announcement, I reminded everyone what a great idea it would be to make a How It's Made style video on the GoldCube™.

Read it here: How It's Made | BitGold Goldmoney GoldCube™

Since @Melanie assured us that the GoldCube™ was here to stay, it seems logical that it should be part of the rebranding process as well. Whether melting down the existing stockpile or making a new batch from scratch, a rebranded GoldCube™ seems likely.


When this occurs, it would be a great time to make that five to ten minute video on the history of the gold cube and how it is made. Just sayin' B)


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    @79Au197 Isn't this a patented product? I would think it would be atypical to explain how a patented product is created. That seems like intellectual property and to explain how it's made is giving away company secrets. But I have not discussed this with The Legend @Melanie and perhaps she told you something different? Don't get me wrong I think a how it is made video would be interesting, but not at the expense of any proprietary technology that is exclusive to Goldmoney.
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    @ArtMatters asks, "Isn't this a patented product?"

    I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one one the Internet, but I doubt it. Let me explain what I know, what I think I know, and what I am guessing.

    The "newly minted" (pun intended) Goldmoney Physical site has already stated (see my previous posts) that Sunshine Mint makes the GoldCube™ for BiGold Goldmoney. If it is patented, then Sunshine Mint would hold the patent. But patent protection is different from trade secret. A patented product is well documented and anyone can study the patent to figure out how to do it … but they can not legally do so without obtaining a license from the patent holder. A trade secret is just that - a secret - and is often NOT patented specifically to keep others from finding out how to do it.

    In my experience all a patent does is give you the right to sue in a court your competitor whom you allege is unlawfully copying your product. It does not guarantee you will win and even if you do win the award may not even cover the court costs. It certainly does not guarantee cease and desist of manufacture. Often time the lawsuits drag on until the issue is irrelevant (Apple vs Samsong as one example). The only way to "win" is to make your product a household name such that any competing product is judged "out of hand" by the consumer as a shoddy knockoff.

    The GoldCube™ is trademarked, but whether that means the name GoldCube is trademarked or the actual 10g cube of gold is trademarked I do not know. I suspect both. Please note that there is another Gold Cube on the market but it could not be confused with the GoldCube™.

    Also keep in mind that the GoldCube™ is not a core business for Goldmoney. The core business of Goldmoney is software and services. Everything else can be (and is contracted out). Vaulting - BRINKS. Physical - Dillon Gage. Prepaid Card - Intercash and Wirecard Solutions. They use an ACH provider.

    The core business of Goldmoney is the Aurum software and the people required to keep it running and adding new services. This also includes customer support and marketing.

    The GoldCube™ is and always was a marketing tool (the vaults use 1kg bars). Marketing tools are only successful when used aggressively. Filming and distributing a How It's Made segment on the Goldmoney GoldCube™ would be a brilliant marketing stroke for very little financial outlay. The production company for How It's Made is always on the lookout for new material - it has to be to survive. I'll wager that striking a deal to film a How It's Made segment would be little more than picking up the phone and calling the right people.*

    To paraphrase Mark Watney - Let's get out there and market the bleep** out of the GoldCube™.


    * well except for the lawyers, but since both Goldmoney and the company that makes How It's Made are Canadian, one can only hope that it can't be worse than it is in the US.

    ** if the auto bleeper converts this to bleep the correct word is American for shite***.

    *** if shite gets bleeped out, get a copy of The Martian and read it or watch it.
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    @79Au197 Are you SURE you are not a lawyer :)... I take that back, you are too smart to be a lawyer ;). Thank you for the thorough response. That makes sense. I, as I'm sure everyone else, learn a lot from you!
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