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Now that Goldmoney rebranding has begun, has anyone else noticed that some non-zero part of the time it comes out as "Goodmoney" or "Godmoney"? Coincidence?

Gold Money Goldmoney

PS @gdecter , @Em13 , @ParisG , @Melanie - What do you think of the above as a marketing slogan?


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    Haha. "Godmoney".

    Hadn't noticed it yet. But typos happen, and there was probably tendency to mistype Bitgold as Bitcoin and other mistakes as well I would guess.
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    @jmr5d re: Godmoney

    Actually @rohanibuang61 will be the first to attest that gold is indeed God Money. She is Malaysian and like most Malaysians she is Muslim. I am not a Muslim, however I suggest to you that there are many things related to sound money, gold, and evil of paying interest that we can all learn from the historical teachings of Islam. @rohanibuang61 is one of our most respected and highest ranked board members and posted often on these topics in the past.

    Since posts are now so frequent that they tend to roll off of the "Recent Discussions" list without being seen I am going to "summon" @ArtMatters @bigd @zulu1520 @AMALGAM11 @GrandpaBrian @SpontaneousOrder @PrairieSailor_2016 @Pinkdog @nigelmarkdias @Uvas @anthony28 @jmr5d @ShadowsRevealed to the discussion B)
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    Ctrl F, spell check, auto correct :) @79Au197
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    @79Au197 thank you for mentioning me. Down to earth I am not an expert but strive to know what is happening by way of gifted mind and thinking created by the creator in finding a solution.
    As we are all heading to the second miles stones leaving everything including our unsure assets to the next of kin that might be lost in transit too.
    I think our spiritual and physical movement, motion and sincere transparency must tally each other and our hearing, seeing and heart must be concentrated in finding any truth.
    My we all be a guided human on earth for the better life in the day after.
    I did make some comparative studies too on most religions and I am complacent with what I am currently hold.
    I don't like to follow things without evidences that gone into ashtray this is the only way to be pious with our findings.
    A attached a medical Doctor from India by the name of Dr Zakir Naik is a prominent scholar that can explained anything from different perspective of religions

    From Sheikh Imran originated from Tobago Trinidad about end time on gold about malhamah or translated as armageddon. Tafsir is translation.

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    An interesting videos to watch
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    Thanks @Nooh only for those having internal believe and deep understanding will appreciate it. :)
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