Rebranding of this forum

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@Melanie - please pass these suggestions along to management and/or the web development team

At some point this forum site will be rebranded, as part of that process I would like to make some suggestions.

On the main page below the section titled Categories are various topic categories for discussions. Below each topic one finds listed the total number of discussions and the total number of comments. It would make more sense to list the number of new discussions and comments over the last 24 hours to provide a way to find fresh topics and comments.

Instead of the current way of just listing the most recent discussion on top under Recent Discussions, why not rank them by activity.

Additionally topics not actually related to Goldmoney might never get promoted the the main screen of the forum.

The main page should target topics for newbies and people needing assistance with the Goldmoney platforms: Personal, Business, Wealth. Deeper pages would have topics for advanced users, discussion related to press releases, investor relations, etc. Deeper still would be topics such as Wishlist, About Gold, Community Cafe, etc.


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