When you tell your friends about Goldmoney/BitGold...

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We would love to hear from our community - when you tell your friends, how do you describe Goldmoney/BitGold? What are you most excited about sharing? What motivated you to tell them in the first place?


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    @Em13 I usually tell them there is an easy way to purchase gold online which also allows you to use it via a debit card, you can also physically redeem your gold or deposit it in your bank account .
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    @Em13 I think having gold stored in vaults in exotic locations around the world is pretty cool to talk about. Being able to actually show someone how this works on the app on a phone is an extremely effective visual. That in combination with the prepaid card gives someone a tangible idea of how the Bitgold ecosystem works. This is in contrast to something like Bitcoin where there is nothing to show anyone except digits on a computer like a bank account. Making it physical breaks a psychological barrier so people can think of it it terms of "something." Being able to visualize the gold would be helpful as well. Perhaps there could be a graphic of a visual representation of the gold in the vaults when looking at the main dashboard? This is a kind of gamification and I think it would make sense to people. @Melanie
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    I tell family and friends Goldmoney is leading a global revolution.that is changing the way people think about money. We are no longer slaves to the central banks that print valueless paper money. Goldmoney allows you to buy, store and spend gold for just 1 percent. Goldmony is helping people in failed countries around the world buy as little as 5 cents in gold and perfect themselves against inflation. I then talk about the benefits of using Goldmoney for travel and avoiding those pesky exchange rates the banks charge. At this point I pull out my Goldmoney Master Card and let them hold it. That's when they smile and ask questions.
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    This is a fully reserved Bank all the others are fractionally reserved. Your money is not lent out and is held in the best currency.
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    I am a hard currency advocate, so people I know have heard me talking about gold as money for years. I simply use Bitgold as an example of how this can be accomplished with high tech.
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    Savimgs & wealth protection @Em13 @Melanie
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    I should note that since the reclaim for inactivity happened I really dont go out of my way to promote this company. Unfortunately, its not so much because of the money taken from my account but more because my friends and family that later logged into their accounts and found their bonus gone. Now I have to hear about it every time the company comes up. These are people who otherwise would have deposited but now there is little to no chance.... Anyway that is old news and this company is off to greatness and will change the world of money IMO.
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    I tell people that gold looked as a currency which is the way it should be measured is the strongest currency in the world by far so why wouldn't you want to own some? I compare how gold has significantly outperformed the USD ever since the USD went off the gold standard back in 1971 and the USD is known as the strongest "paper" currency in the world. I explain how all fiat currencies devalue over time some much more rapidly than others. I advise how BitGold/Goldmoney has been able to monetize gold as a currency again through the platform. I explain how the gold is stored and insured securely in a Brinks vault of their choice. I advise how the price is 1% within spot which is unheard of to be able to buy gold this cheap along with no monthly fee's, just the 1% in and 1% out. I explain that the platform could be described as the "PayPal of gold" however many more attributes to the platform. I tell people how you can load your gold onto the prepaid card to be able to spend at a traditional point of sale along with the ability to withdrawal at ATM's along with the option of transferring the gold value back to currency through a wire transfer back to their bank account. Also advise that BitGold is now offering a checkout button to business's so with more business's signing up to the platform will give the ability to use their gold as payment directly for products and services with any participating business's. I also explain how a BitGold user can transfer gold to another BitGold user for free so for the people that send money back home this is significantly cheaper that traditional money transfer services like Western Union. I also advise this platform is the only logical choice for longer term savings. No reason to keep devaluing paper currency in a bank account that offers no interest and is not secure if the banks were ever to go belly up. I also advise the strong amount of signups from over 150 countries worldwide. I also provide some examples of various countries that have rapidly devaluing currencies and explain how significantly gold has outperformed those currencies and say if I were to live in one of those countries I would have near all my money on this platform.

    I don't bother with the whole referral link. I find people may think that is the only reason why i am telling them about BitGold, to make a quick buck. When in reality I honestly just want to help them out. I do want the user base to grow as I figure in the long run I should do a dandy return on my shares of GoldMoney. Good enough for me.

    Sorry if this is long winded. This platform is extremely simple to use, but I find it much more complex to explain the value and all the attributes.

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    @GrandpaBrian I would have liked to see how you explain BitGold/GoldMoney. I find it difficult to explain in a condensed version and I always value your opinion and insight.
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    Hi @Em13 Most friends are not bother whether BitGold or Goldmoney as they know about rebranding and even fiat money always change on it surface with new image but the denomination still the same.
    I am most excited about sharing GoldMoney card and Goldmoney platform having similarity too except on the M/m.
    Our motivation to tell them is sincerity, transparency and without hiding and fact that BitGold is Goldmoney for the purpose of expansionwith its parent company.
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    @Em13 The Legend @Melanie I want to know how YOU describe it :)
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    I tel them that the world, as well know it, will collapse! Thats it! Fiat is not more
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    I tell my friends/coworkers that since there is no longer any compound interest for savers (anyone remember earning 8% in your savings account?), and since inflation is at about 6% we are all slaves to the dollar--unless you actually invest your money in some sort of interest-producing or income-producing business. But running a business, even just an investment business is yet another job. People are fooled into believing their 401Ks are compounding--they are not. They only grow when you add money and the stock market goes up. But the stock market could crash and you'd have less than you invested. And if you decide to stop working and grow your own food and live off the grid and inflation keeps going up you could eventually get run out of your home merely for lack of ability to pay your property taxes. Modern life and the dollar keep us all in the rat race. Spendable gold is an opportunity to get out of the rat race by retaining the value of your money without the effects of inflation. Theoretically, if you set aside all the property tax you need to pay for the rest of your life, right now, in gold, then you should be able to sell that gold and pay your taxes each year (on average) and not have to worry about inflation.
    I also tell them that I don't know for sure that there is a little cube of gold for each 10 grams that I own but that we are told that there are. I tell them to talk to me if they are interested. But I am reluctant to convince people to join, because I don't know how we can know, for sure, that there is 1 to 1 storage of gold, or that the US Government won't make this illegal, or that in the cases of a global crisis, this company won't just disappear in the chaos, and we'd all have nothing to show for it but old account statements.
    I think BitGold/Goldmoney is a great concept and the company is doing a good job, but there is still a trust issue to contend with.
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    @RocketDog I appreciate your points.

    Regarding the question of how we can know for sure the gold is there.... I guess we can always go theoretical and even philosophical with this and question how we know anything is anything, but I'm reasonably confident that the gold is there. I'm also reasonably confident that the money I deposit in my checking account is NOT there, or at least not more than the 10% coverage that is legally required in the fractional reserve banking system.

    If you want to do a real life audit, I suggest you redeem a cube or two. I've never heard of a case of delivery failure through this platform, and never expect to given the 3rd party auditing that exists.

    I understand your skeptism, believe me I do. And there will ALWAYS be unknowns at all times in life.

    As for your other concerns, we can address them one by one, but regardless of what is said there will still be doubts. I suppose at some point it comes down to which system you trust more, one that has already failed or one that could potentially fail.

    I trust Goldmoney not just blindly, but because they have earned my trust through both action and words.

    Please see this for reference....

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    Thank you GoldMatters for the link. That explanation really helps.
    I wonder if there is or ever will be a function where a person could be provided a list of the serial numbers of their wholly owned cubes? That might give people more confidence that they could go claim those serial numbers in the event of a break in service.

    I agree that there are trust issues in every monetary form. I totally do not trust the value of the dollar. I don't think that going totally philosophical on the reality of everything is particularly useful here. We are trying to discuss supposedly tangible assets, in a supposedly material reality, it is the basis that our world forces us to work in, and survive in, so to suggest that everything is really nothing is kind of maddening to those who struggle with the reality imposed on us by the money masters. We are probably all being deceived by people who set up systems for us but follow no rules or ethics themselves, not by the universe itself.

    I guess my trust level will determine whether I stay at the "Personal" account level and use this as a dollar alternative and emergency fund or if I go "All In" with a more significant portion of my meager assets.
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