Goldmoney Physical eBay 1/20oz Maple Leaves

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The old "BitCube" branded 10g GoldCube packets appear to have been flushed out of the system in preparation for the Goldmoney branded cubes, which @Melanie promised would eventually be made. The last time I looked, the 1x10g single cube package did not appear to be an available choice for redeeming on the main site. Additionally 1x10g single cube package is no longer available on the Goldmoney Physical eBay store (

However the Goldmoney Physical eBay store is now offering the 1/20oz Canadian Maple Leaf. (1cm reference cube, GoldCubes, and 1/20oz Maple Leaf atop 1" reference cube)

Apologies for the long link but the functionality of the community web interface on an iPhone is limited (hint hint hint @Melanie re: Community 2.0) :#


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