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Note: as you reply to this thread please summon anyone I have forgotten (if I did forget you, please forgive me - I blame old age and senility :# )

I love single malt scotch. I collect single malt scotch, mostly to drink but some set aside for down the road. It is nice to have a selection to choose from when one wants a "wee dram." I frequently buy scotch I can not find locally from The Whisky Exchange. They always have a large collection to choose from and ship directly to your door (at least in the US).

I just sent them a very polite low key email introducing them to BitGold Business and suggested that they might be able to save some money on international shipments.

Content of the email:

I am one of your international customers. I was wondering if you had heard about the BitGold Business account. It might be a way for you to cut some costs on international exchange fees.

I apologize if this seems like spam (and it might be), but I think this is something you should at least be aware of. Take a look at

I have a BitGold account and would certainly use it to buy whisky from you.

Note that to avoid confusion with Bitcoin, BitGold is in the process of rebranding itself as Goldmoney. In the near future the service I am recommending to you will be call Goldmoney Business.

I look forward to continued whisky purchases from you in the future regardless of how I pay.


(Signed, me)

The reason I share this with you and the reason I sent the email was that I remembered that @ArtMatters recently commented on the "The Goldmoney Army" (TGA or was it TGMA?) in one of his posts.

One way for Goldmoney to become the "Global OS for Gold" is for each any every one of us reading this thread to spread the word. We are "The Goldmoney Army" and whether we are affiliates, shareholders, or just account holders, if we want Goldmoney to grow to be the platform we want it to be we need to get out there and advocate for its adoption. Each of us has a company we deal with on the Internet, many of them in another country. We need to spread the world about Goldmoney. What better way to do it than through a grassroots effort of the one million Goldmoney Personal account holders. @Roy Sebag , @Josh Crumb , @Darrell , and @gdecter need our help.

Here is my challenge. Think of a company you deal with regularly on the Internet, if it is located in another country even better. Send them an email introducing them to BitGold Business and let them know that you would prefer to buy from them through BitGold Business if it were available. That's it. Embellish your email as you wish but keep it low key. We just want them to be aware of BitGold business and decide for themselves. Of course if they begin to get multiple emails from around the world …




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