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@Melanie ( @Roy Sebag )

I am NOT an affiliate. At best I am a minor share holder and a minor account holder. That having been said I am easily one of your most passionate stake holders. (Most passionate excluding @Roy Sebag @Josh Crumb The Legend @Melanie and the Golden Ninjas would have to be @ArtMatters, @rohanibuang61 , and that that other guy in "Witness Protection").

I write this because I am concerned by the number of obviously frustrated Affilliates continually posting to this board about late payments. At first I wrote it off to be a few disgruntled impatient individuals who were perhaps trying to game the system. Maybe this is still the case.

Yet this has been going on long enough that it is becoming annoying and a bit troublesome. It is becoming clear to me that something is broken with the Affilliate system (or the Affiliate to BitGold system). I am not asking for an explanation. Nor will I attempt to second guess the reasons or offer suggestions.

All I ask is that you take a second look at it and see if the situation can be improved.


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    @79Au197 Thanks buddy for including me in The Passionate. :) I love this community. I had no idea I would feel this way when I joined, I just wanted more access to this company that I feel more strongly about than I have any other company in my entire life. The friends and relationships here have been a HUGE unexpected upside surprise ;)

    Speaking of relationships, BTW the picture you made of me promoting TGMA made my wife CRACK UP, she thought that was just hilarious, so thanks for that :) I am surprised and impressed by your creativity and your own burning passion.

    I agree that something needs to be addressed somewhere with the affiliate program because of the number of voices here. I have zero interest in becoming an affiliate myself, as I have de emphasized Golden Heart referrals because I don't want to degrade my own credibility when telling people about the platform. Not that others that do this are degrading themselves, it's just a personal choice I've made. I am choosing to promote the platform in other ways because that's just what feels right to me.

    I have a feeling, though no knowledge of, that someone must be working on this somewhere, as The Legend @Melanie and the Golden Ninjas are ALWAYS on top of things.

    Great post.

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    @79Au197 I love your passion.. but I am sure there are valid reasons to why BitGold is not paying out certain affiliates.
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    I had contemplated a simple email to support, but I figured I would give others a chance to express their views as well.

    I have no doubt that the Goldmoney staff are doing the right thing. I am however concerned with the perception that newcomers may have seeing such posts. Many of these posts have been downright vile others merely frustrated. Either way, it is as they say - "bad PR". I am all about "good PR" - the more the better.

    To repeat - I am NOT questioning the actions of the Affitiate or BitGold staff and they have and will continue to have my 110% vote of confidence. But I admit that I do cringe every time someone comes onto the board to complain about not being paid. Why are they coming HERE?

    @Melanie if you agree with @BlueJays feel free to pull this post. But doing so will not stop those who come on to complain about not getting their Affiliate pay. Since you have already admitted that read each and every post, perhaps there can be an internal file of these posts that can be reviewed by staff and management with subjecting the community to them. Maybe auto flag + auto copy + auto remove?
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    @79Au197 I totally agree. The affiliate program needs to be fixed. It I causing to much bad PR. It is not worth tarnishing the good name of Goldmoney.
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    @Pinkdog @79Au197 @ArtMatters

    I'm not a member for too long! But already the very bad PR on other sites on the net relating to Golden Heart referrals had been a bit of a scarring off.
    I think this is an unnecessary or even counterproductive kind of 'promotion'.
    The Basic Idea of BitGold or Goldmoney is so convincing that there is no need to go for people which look for a fast profit in the first place!
    If one has so prominent promoters like the FED, the ECP, nearly all Western Governments, 99% of the Financial Industry etc. one can stop spending Money for more PR!
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    @Nomidas I agree with you 100 percent. I hope Goldmoney addresses this issue as soon as possible. I'm sure they will, they just need to iron out a few kinks in the process.
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    I agree with almost all of your points.

    However, I think there are many positive ways to spend money on PR. Shirts, caps, sponsoring gold related shows like Gold Rush, Town Halls, Financial and Technical symposia, YouTube videos, guest appearances on BNN, Bloomberg, Twitter tweets, stuff I can't think of, etc.

    @gdecter ?
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    Hi Pinkdog ;)


    Yes - these less misusable means for PR are OK!
    But BitGold or Goldmoney becoming too popular is again not totally without risk. On the other hand saving one's savings shouldn't be a privilege of the wealthy. So some folkloristic elements in PR are fine!

    What about:

    Love is for lovers -- Money is for many -- Gold is FOREVER

    I <3 Goldmoney
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    @Nomidas @Pinkdog

    Love is for lovers - Money is for many - Gold is FOREVERyone

    I <3 Goldmoney 2
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    @79Au197 so, where we will be complaint about our affiliate payment? email support? lol, 100 times sent them email but no respond. they hide from us (affiliate).

    why we complaint about affiliate program in this forum?
    because we want other people know about pros and cons bitgold affiliate program.

    it's good if they have livechat in their affiliate program.

    maybe it's easy for you because you are "minor share holder" so, money is not problem for you. but for us, we want to grow our money. we run Bitgold campaign in ads and hope our money will grow.

    Bitgold is payment company but still but still difficult to pay us (affiliate not share holder)

    i think Bitgold could stop their affiliate program and run their own ads.

    for 1 million users company, bitgold office is too small.

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    and i think my email just go in their spam folder :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:
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    and i think @Roy Sebag just think about stake holder after they goes to market.
    lol, Bitgold market value will be down if the CEO always think about their stake holder not the QUALITY.

    and finaly, sorry for my bad english. i'm from third world country :expressionless:
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    Thanks for your thoughts everyone, and the Affiliate program will be changing the way it communicates with users starting in July. This should provide Affiliates with more information and reduce confusion. Our Support team has no involvement with the program, so inquiries should always be sent to [email protected], but we always do our best to help when we can.
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    Love your passionfor Goldmoney @79Au197 :)
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    Melanie said:

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone, and the Affiliate program will be changing the way it communicates with users starting in July. This should provide Affiliates with more information and reduce confusion. Our Support team has no involvement with the program, so inquiries should always be sent to [email protected], but we always do our best to help when we can.

    she hide from me :dizzy:
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    Is the affiliate/Golden Heart with your team now @Melanie ?
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    No, the change does not occur until Aug 1st @nigelmarkdias
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    the problem @melanie is that the program of heart worked perfectly but in the affiliate the man who is in charge never answers emails, I never imposed standards cpa (social ads, email, pop, etc) and more to be I wonder never responded, I think it was the first time he ran with the cpa format and slipped from his hands because there never was a positive response that has made people wary of bitgold (not my case because I made a long time corazon) but should talk to because it damages the prestige of such good company
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    hmm.but the problem for me with the new golden heart rules is that,since my golden heart level is 1(one star),i will only get 0.10 gram gold equvivalent to 5$ for a depositing refferal.whereas in the current affiliate programme i get 25$(equvivalent to 0.50 gram gold) per depositing customer.
    may be after doing all the hard work till now i have to settle for 5$(0.10 gram gold) for a depositing refferal instead of 25$ per depositing refferral.
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    Hi, I have not been able to link my accounts of staff afliated program you can help me please :( :( :( :'(
  • orlanysorlanys Posts: 9 Tin ✭
    can answer please melanie or any of you thanks, I'm desperate not to start work helps :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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    since I register for the affiliate program I'm waiting for me to activate the account as this pending activation and not to do
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    @orlanys The Affiliate program is ending, all pending applicants were sent notice of this.
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