An European town hall tour

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As things in Europe (both in Northern and Southern Europe although for different reasons) grow more difficult, I would think there may be a growing concern on how things evolve and therefore would be a lot of work to be done in educating on gold and benefits to reap.

The jump in pound-valued gold right after the Brexit is a single good proof on how people may be interesetd in hearing about gold and BitGold


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    I know they did several town hall meetings in Europe recently. I remember one being done in a pub in Prague, I think :)
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    @Klaus Uvas is correct, they had a townhall meeting in Prgaue a while back and the most recent townhall they had was in Madrid Spain on June 20th. I am sure more townhall's are to come.
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    Yeah, I've also watched the one in Stockholm. But I believe that a true rock-band-alike European tour in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Viena, Helsinki, etc... deep pockets and real concern all around.

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    @Klaus Sounds like the Solid Gold Tour. A great idea to hit a bunch of cities in a row like that.
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    I think it might be effective if the Company had a print ad at the ready to run in the major financial newspaper or magazine of each country as that country was hit by a financial crisis. Imagine if an ad had appeared in the Financial Times right after Brexit.

    Better yet, perhaps they should have an ad running just before the trouble breaks. So many of these events are actually fairly predictable, like the default in Puerto Rico last week. The ad could feature some before and after examples of savings in gold... Like Nigeria and the UK.

    Helping protect the average saver in advance of disaster fits within the Company's mission.
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    Hi and welcome @Klaus I think only BitGold is offering very attractive prices and soon more and more new members from Europe will join BitGold after the townhall.
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