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I recently joined but have not deposited yet.. looking to talk to an Australian member anyone able to assist?


  • nigelmarkdiasnigelmarkdias Posts: 1,323 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    G'day, mate @GoldKangaroo from Dubai
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    Hi and welcome @GoldKangaroo I think you are not far from me as I am from Malaysia about 6 hours plane to Sydney. Without hesitation I have been active and also rewarded with gold via this site. I did most on my personal BitGold platform including redeeming the physical gold bars and silver sent direct to my home address.

    From my point of view I think BitGold is the best on this planet offering to its members gold and silver and please don't hesitate at all and be active at this site to follow anything that you required. Hope you will be active member soon by depositing on to your platform and see how you progress with gold and silver in real world. Rgds.
  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Yo @GoldKangaroo. I'm a Mebourenite. I only just joined a couple of weeks ago, put a few hundred dolla in and have just sent my details in to get verified for a card. I don't know much about it yet, but will let you know.... Any more Aussies out there?
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    @Squerkol and @GoldKangaroo welcome aboard. I'm Canadian, the next best thing to being an Aussie. Instead of kangaroos we have bears in Canada. I have been using this platform for 6 months now. At first I was very skeptical, but have become very confident in this service. I would encourage you to start off small and try out all the features and read up as much as you can. Once you become comfortable, you will want to use it more often to protect a portion of your wealth. Good day mates!
  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Yo @Pinkdog Goldmoney and Bitcoin are all I intend to use from here on out. I'm now just waiting on my GM card, once things get rolling all my excess money will be going in there. Not sure why we don't have a vault down under we got the room for it. I think I understand how this all work, and so far I'm like'n it. I Know I understand how the fiat/toilet paper currency works, and that needs to be flushed. Spread the real thing, All my friends and everyone I talk to hears about goldmoney. I think they will get on board more once I have a card to complete the package.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,014 Admin
    @Squirrel Wise words :) there are a lot of community members that feel just as you do here :)
  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Hey @GoldMatters we go to the same barber.
    I put a chunk of money on Bitcoin a few years ago just to get familiar with it, not as an investment, and it went and trebled, if only I had known. 20/20. I would bet Goldmoney wont do that in such a short amount of time. But I don't really care about that. I just want out of the (insert four letter words) and have something that feels real and will benefit all.
    I go round giving Bitcoin away just to get people to put a wallet on their phone and start using it. You would be surprised how many people are not interested even when I offer them $50. I start at ten, then go twenty and stop at 50. I guess they get confused when someone offers them free money. Can't say I really blame them with so many scams out there but I think it also speaks to the changing nature of society in a negative way. I live in Melbourne and too many people here swallow the corporate media and don't see outside the box.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,014 Admin
    edited July 2016
    @Squirrel Love your comments. I have a simular story (and haircut, as you point out). I buy BTC purely as an asymmetrical binary speculation. It's a small position relative to my portfolio, and I'm prepared for it to go to zero. If it does work out, it will work out spectacularly. As you astutely point out, there is the added benefit of being an escape valve from the rotten banking system.

    Believe it or not I am NOT surprised people aren't interested in free Bitcoin for a couple reasons.

    1. There are many who have a closed mind about Bitcoin for some reason, though seem to have no problem with digital banking units for daily expenses.

    2. I cannot tell your how many times I've tried to give people free gold through the "gift of gold" only to have it come back into my account, unaccepted.

    3. Then there is the case of the Mark dice chocolate bars. Look that one up.

    Cheers and welcome to the community friend!
  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    @GoldMatters Look that up I will. It reminds me, when I first heard you can redeem your gold in 10g cubes, I thought that would be solid if they pressed them, cast them as dice.
    BTC only seems to get negative press over here. A lot of people reply with "don't people use that to buy drugs?"

    That's usually where the conversation ends. As tempted as I am to say something like The only people I know who buy drugs use cash. then asking them if they use cash. But I resist the temptation coz I'm then only one step away from asking about the digital camera on their phone and making a comment about bleep's to highlight the silly in their comment. But that's just negative and It's something to do with psychology of people, I'm just trying to spread some good. So I bid them a farewell and walk away bemused.

    OMG Thanks Goldmaster. I'm not crazy after all, re Mark Dice chocolate bars. Thank You. I think sometimes I must be living in a country of sheeple. But now it's looking like a world of Sheeple
  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 6 Tin ✭
    Sorry forgot this is open social.... Thanks Bleeperer
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,014 Admin
    @Squirrel First, Goldmaster LOL!!!

    You are going to be a great contributor here I can tell already. Agreed, lots of negative sentiment on BTC, still don't get why. Anything that competes with fiat currency has to be better than nothing. People often overlook that they can own BOTH BTC and all the gold they want. It doesn't have to be an either/ or.

    Also agree with the "drugs" comments. Do people really think that BTC, or anything for that matter, is used more than the $100 for illegal purposes???

    But you are right, diplomacy is the way to go. Because if people aren't interested in knowing, I'm not interested in telling. I do not care one wit about being right, because I would rather just be happy :)

    Good day sir.
  • PinkdogPinkdog Posts: 511 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    @Squirrel @GoldMatters

    It sounds crazy that you can offer $50 in Bitcoin and people won't accept it. I spent 30 minutes talking to two work colleagues about Goldmoney and I sent them both $10 in gold. I thought this would motivate them to sign up and learn about this amazing service. Neither of them accepted the gold. They just can't wrap there head around the concept and the value of using gold as currency. Give it time. At some point when this is mainstream they will remember the conversation and regret not signing up earlier. I guess everyone can't be a trail blazer.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,014 Admin
    @Pinkdog @Squirrel hard to comprehend right? I'm pretty sure an alien, heck even a zombie, would accept free gold if offered. I know I sure would!
  • KlausKlaus Posts: 102 Copper ✭✭
    @Pinkdog @GoldMatters Hummmm, I'm not sure about Goldmoney and how it works.

    Maybe you all can send me some free gold. I accept any amount. Even Kg of it :p
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    @GoldKangaroo @nigelmarkdias @GoldMatters @Squirrel @Pinkdog @Klaus

    Speaking of sending free gold, one of the things I and others have asked repeatedly for was the ability to send gold via their forum "@name" and not their email address. This would add an extra layer of security in that ones email address is also ones account login.

    @Melanie (TLM) any chance of @name to @name transfers in the future?

    Also, now that I am thinking of it, will it be or is it now possible to change one's login name from one's email address to something else?
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,014 Admin
    @79Au197 I do think we will see something equivalent to name to name transfers in the future :)
  • nigelmarkdiasnigelmarkdias Posts: 1,323 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    Have you begun transacting in gold? @GoldKangaroo
  • FrodoFrodo Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    Has anyone redeemed in Oz? Seems impractical atm when you can walk into a dealer and avoid the big shipping costs. Not that I mind just having the other benefits, but would be a massive improvement for use in future.
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