Depositing from credit card

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@melanie I have already submitted a ticket to [email protected], but I think I have answered my own question*.

I just tried to make a deposit from a credit card upon which my name was slightly different from the name you have on file. It is still a valid credit card, just not precisely the same name. The email message came back as "This message has no content", so I assumed that the deposit failed.

Then I repeated the process with a credit card having the precise name as on my BitGold account, but using a different vault to make it easier to differentiate, and it went through immediately with a correct confirmation email. So I am led to believe that the name on the credit card must be an exact match.

* then again maybe not. I just went back to look at the original email and now in place of "This message has no content" the standard notification is there. Guess I will just have to wait to see if both "Pending" switch to "Confirmed".


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    @Melanie yep I appear to be wrong even though the name on one card is slightly different, the background info (address perhaps) was close enough that when I checked both cards online they each show a recent charge to "GOLDVAULT LTD." in the correct amount.
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    Nothing to see here … move along :*
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    interesting case of 'self-identity-theft' or should I say 'identity-self-theft' LOL

    PS.: that's only for the "... move along" :D
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    @79Au197 As we're moving gold into two different vaults hen you buy in two vaults, the confirmation time will almost always vary at least by a bit. As you know, those aren't simply numbers on a screen, they represent real gold that we have to move in for you! :smile:
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    As of today, the deposit with the EXACT NAME MATCH credit card has cleared BitGold and become "Confirmed". However this was to the Zurich vault which was open "overnight". This deposit took less that 24 hours to transact.

    The other credit card to Toronto still shows as pending. This could be due to the fact that Toronto was closed overnight and will soon proceed to "Confirmed" … or the fact that it has yet to be rejected.

    Stay tuned …
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    UPDATE 2 sometime today the deposit to Toronto with the "questionable" credit card (slightly different name on card, but still my card) went from "Pending" to "Confirmed" and the ledger showed them updated amount in both Zurich an Toronto.

    Both deposits from two different credit cards to two different vaults cleared within 24 hours and the vault which opened first on the global time clock (Zurich) cleared within 12 hours.

    @Melanie (still awaiting the official "What changes would you like to see in the Dashboard?" thread) so in addition to "Pending Bank", "Pending Vault", and "Confirmed" … I would also to ask like to ask for "Pending Credit Card" (for deposit) and "Pending Prepaid Card (for load).

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    I don't see any transaction costs for credit cards but yet I know that credit card companies charge merchant fees depending on the type of card being used. How does BitGold make up for these transaction cost for Credit Card purchases?
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    Good question, which I had never considered. Maybe it is just hidden in the amount of gold you get for your money.

    @Melanie can you answer @Canuck question above?
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    We currently do not pass this fee onto users - it balances over all deposit methods so we have been able to average it out across the board. If this would need to change, we would update users of this of course.
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    @Melanie , speaking of deposits by debit card, I had mentioned to you on an earlier note that I was intending to use more than one card for depositing gold, and you have kindly assured me that It was ok to do so but might be approached by bitgold support team for some sort of verification...status now is that deposits have been declined for the past 24hrs with consistent tries. what's alarming is that I have not been notified why that might be happening from bitgold, so I assumed it was from my bank as technical errors are pretty common, however after consulting my bank, they assured me that all was clear from their end and that they acknowledge bitgold as a vendor, and that cards were free from technical issues...having said all that, I am now writing an email to bitgold support team explaining the issue and wondering what kind of documents would be needed to solve this.???
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    Hi @Rj838 I'll send you an email to explain, an issue with one of your cards triggered a block. I'll see you in your inbox!
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    alright....inbox it is. :)
    I have read your email and responded, awaiting for your kind feedback.

    I think the solution would be using them at different times during the day, not straight after each other to avoid any tech/net error..!
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    @Melanie , I hope the block is lifted today, Ive responded to your email and awaiting...

    Ive missed two days from making daily deposits and I don't want today to go to waste either..

    appreciate it
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