At Goldmoney, we have noticed that account-holders sell gold to preload their Goldmoney cards when


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    Gold As Money
    This is the point about money. It is not an investment, so computing what you initially paid for gold and your profit or loss on it is not the point. You have to look at it as a competing form of money, which can give you an economic benefit.

    I don’t think any analysts have adequately described the benefits of being able to use two different forms of money for daily purchases, because this facility has been rarely available until now. But is clear, from Goldmoney’s experience of how users use their cards, that consciously or unconsciously, this is what their customers are now doing. As a user myself, I am certainly benefiting from this dual-money approach to spending.

    Alasdair MacLeod, Goldmoney Insigths

    Thank you for sharing this @ArtMatters
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