Prizes for using the debit card

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I suggest giving away 30 g of gold every month.

As a suggestion, I would propose giving away 5 monthly awards of 1g each and 50 prizes of 0.5g each among users who use the debit card for purchases to foster growth in its use and incentivize users into realizing its ease of use.

The mechanics would be as simple as organizing a "raffle" among debit card users in wich each transaction would recognize one participation in the raffle. As every transaction is electronically traceable, it would be very easy to know how many "participations" are eligible and randomly pick the 55 winning transactions.

Every month, 55 prizes (5 prizes of 1g and of 50 prizes of 0.5g each) would be given away.

It is a simple and cheap way (barely USD 15,000 annual cost at current gold prices) of broadening the use of the debit card. Also, the cost would probably be lower as people using the debit card would probably later reaload its bitgold (or GoldMoney Personal) account.

Of course, this idea may be adjusted to 100 prizes of 0.5g each, 10 prizes of 1g, 10 prizes of 1g and 40 prizes of 0.5g, etc. But I suggest giving away as many prizes as possible, as prizes are better appreciated by participants when they have an understandably good chance of winning


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    @Klaus your idea has merit - but it would have to be based on Prepaid Card loads, not purchases. Goldmoney does not track your Prepaid Card purchases, that is done by the card issuer Wirecard Card Services.

    The modified version of your idea might be that each gram equivalent loaded to the card would increment a universal counter. Once the universal counter crossed a trigger point - say 100g for example - 0.5g would be added to the lucky person's account that triggered the event. The counter would then reset and start counting again. The more you load to your card the more chance you have of winning, Or maybe two universal counters 100g for 0.5g bonus and 1000g for a 5g bonus.
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    So Goldmoney Personal loses track of the use of the debit card once you load some gold-money into it?

    Ok, then. Consider my idea modified to award the uploading of the debit card, whether by directly awarding the uploading once certain thresholds are reached or, better IMO so everyone has a monthly chance no matter how much gold transferred into your debit card and so "democratizing" the reward as you want to "democratize" the overall use of gold, through the kind of "raffle" I was mentioning in which you get one participation per each certain amount you upload. For example, one participation per 10g uploaded and, then, you make a monthly "raffle" awarding with prizes.

    One possibility would be to give away the aforementioned monthly 30g with the 5 monthly awards of 1g each and 50 prizes of 0.5g.

    Anyways, the core idea is the same: awarding the use of the debit card
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    Agreed, we used different amounts as examples but the idea is the same.
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