Conference Call Impressions

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I am writing this while listening to Peter talking on the conference call. Wow. This is great. He has the same passion as @Roy Sebag and @Josh Crumb and the rest of TGMA*. This is really good news. He seems (if it were even possible) to understand the Goldmoney business model as well as Roy and Josh with even more passion about its future.

There are likely to be some speed bumps - but not road blocks.

Roy, Josh, and Peter are obviously on the same page and very exited to be working together. The synergies of these three people working together will be enormous.

Based on the goldbug celebrity status of Peter Schiff, this should completely validate BitGold Goldmoney as a resource and service for gold.

Now listening to the Q&A … " [Peter] becomes one of our largest shareholders and advocates".

"There is only one place people who want to use gold as money can go and that's Goldmoney" - Peter Schiff

SchiffGold customers are all from the US. 50% of business is repeat customer. SchiffGold is historically 100% phone-based with no internet platform.

"The video was not a PR production, just a discussion." - Peter Schiff

"A phenomenal bundle" - Roy Sebag

"Inventorying cubes and coins removes the tax consequences of redeeming to physical" - Roy Sebag

"Make one smart acquisition a year" - Roy Sebag

"The katamari of gold services companies" - @79Au197

They will post a recording of the call on line. (Will the last conference call eventually be posted?h

* The Gold Money Army


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