What's up with the US state of Georgia?

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@Melanie and Katy Millington …



The GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard is also unavailable in the state of Georgia, USA. :#

What whacky legal shenanigans are going on in Georgia?

Is there hope resolving this?

I have relatives in Georgia I was trying to get to open an account. I don't want them angry with me.

Every one of the Prepaid Card slides or ads ought to have a '*' "fine print disclaimer" about the state of Georgia.

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    @Melanie PS someone get this gal a raise!
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    @ArtMatters Haha! I'm just thankful you guys are quite patient - at any given time I'm likely simultaneously here on the Community, sending an email, on a call, or a variety of other activities, so I appreciate when you all chime in to help new users with their questions!


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    I have the same problem. I'm not going to make any additional deposits until this issue with Georgia is resolved. Does BitGold know when this might change? Are there other states where the prepaid card is not available?
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    @Goodgoods based only on the link above it appears that Georgia is the odd man out. It must be due to some Georgia specific law or regulation*

    * alternatively, knowing the old south I suspect that the BitGold team failed to adequately "grease the skids" or the palms of the powers that be.

    @Goodgoods you are the first person in a year and over a million users to run up against this. STBY :p

    But seriously I feel for you man. If your bank accepts ACH transfers, you can still move funds in and out of your account for no additional cost and just a slightly longer time. Lack of the Prepaid Card isn't a deal breaker for my as I usually just transfer between bank and BitGold.

    Glad I found out about this myself as I have relatives in Atlanta I was going to suggest open an account.

    Hopefully next week @Melanie will have answers for all of us.
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    Georgia , Uganda, and Zimbabwe and a few others in the excluded club. Interesting.
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    Puts the US state of Georgia in the same company as Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Central African Republic, Cuba, Côte d'Ivoire, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nigeria, North Korea, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe​.

    How sad is that?
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    @79Au197 @GrandpaBrian Most of the countries on the "unavailable" list have sanctions against them so it is understandable as to why the platform is unavailable there.

    As for Georgia they are obviously in another category. I am thinking it may have to do with the "Sound Money in Banking Act" a bill first introduced by Georgia in 2009 which is related to "Constitutional Tender Act". My understanding of these Acts is a little over my head.
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    @GoldIsCurrency based merely on the sound of "The Sound Money in Banking Act", sounds to me like Georgia would be pro-BitGold. At least that would be logically sound.

    Then again sounds like maybe Georgia has sanctions agin' it as well. >:)
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    I think it may be a timing issue... Something about the fact that people were still living with the dinosaurs in GEORGIA just six thousand years ago. But man, the peaches are good down there.
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    @GrandpaBrian I hear they used them like truffle hogs to search for gold. T-Rex had small arms (or were they wings) but a great nose for sniffing out gold.
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    79Au197 said:

    @GoldIsCurrency based merely on the sound of "The Sound Money in Banking Act", sounds to me like Georgia would be pro-BitGold. At least that would be logically sound.

    Then again sounds like maybe Georgia has sanctions agin' it as well. >:)

    I tend to agree with you by the sounds of the Act. This is all I could find on Georgia that appears different than other states.
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    @Melanie I can't even imagine how many times you get tagged a day. I'm so impressed by your work ethic. You are awesome. We don't call you The Legend for nothing !! ;)
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    @Melanie we got your back TLM
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    @Melanie do we know why Georgia will not approve it?
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    I'm a Georgia resident, and I wish I had known about this before I signed up and made a deposit.
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    Not the end of the world. Do you bank with one of the following?

    The following US Banks able to be linked to your Goldmoney Personal & Business account for direct ACH bank transfers:

    Ally, Bank of America, BB&T Bank, Capital One 360, Charles Schwab, Chase, CitiBank, Fidelity, First Tennessee, PNC, Regions Alabama, Regions Arkansas, Regions Florida, Regions Georgia, Regions Illinois, Regions Indiana, Regions Iowa, Regions Kentucky, Regions Louisiana, Regions Mississippi, Regions Missouri, Regions North Carolina, Regions South Carolina, Regions Texas, Regions Virgina, SunTrust, TD Bank, US Bank, USAA, Wells Fargo.

    ref http://support.goldmoney.com/customer/portal/articles/2090740

    If so you can easily move funds back and forth via ACH without the need to resort to wire transfer.

    Access to the Goldmoney Prepaid card is but one of the many features of a Goldmoney account.
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    i am in south georgia, 15 minutes from the florida line. can i cross over into florida and get a po box and have the card mailed there
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    Would have been really helpful to know this BEFORE I signed up and made 3 deposits. There really should be some fine print on the marketing of the pre paid debit card because this was one of the reasons I went for it. I don't have a lot of wiggle room with my income/budget but wanted to start doing weekly deposits with the added safety of having the debit card in case I needed to dip in to eat or help with bills. At this point I guess I'll save until I can afford to have an oz or two sent to me and then stop making deposits.
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    ACH redemption to your bank? Georgia bans the Goldmoney Card but not Goldmoney transactions.
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