A French Civil War?

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Followers of ZeroHedge know that they can sometimes lean to the extreme, but this article poses food for thought, especially with regard to the global price of gold and silver.


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    There's always been a war on.
    A politically incorrect opinion to that of President Barack Hussein Obama @79Au197
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    @79Au197 @nigelmarkdias What a shrewd political agendas created for the sake or economics agendas controlled by the greeds that created too many scapegoats that everyone will never believe anymore.
    Just as Putin mentioned who created the ISIS, who collapsing the WTC, WMD plot to Libya, Iraq, Iran and so on. The worse part is the usage of fiat paper money worth US$0.10 to purchase US$100 worth of true goods.
    My instinct also on the opposite site from their agendas.
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    It's looking more and more like that France is the 'soft' target in Europe.

    Here in the UK we had the IRA trying to bomb us for many years. Although they never stooped as low as driving a lorry in to a crowd of children. The Spanish had ETA. The German's have always been pretty tough on those who stepped over the line. Any you wouldn't want to mess with the Dutch.

    Please don't be offended but the French often seem to have a bury your head in the sand mentality and seem to be willing to let other people sort out their problems.

    France needs to have a good look at itself and decide what sort of country it wants to be in a few years time, then act appropriately.
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    There has always been a war on.

    "You reap what you sow"

    As a teenager I developed an abiding hatred for hypocrisy. Yes we have all been hypocrites to some extent throughout our lives. "Do as I say, not as I do", we tell our children.

    But HYPOCRITES - televangelists who live like kings off of the millions of dollars of donations by the poor meant to go to the even poorer.

    HYPOCRITICAL administrators of charities who skim the millions of dollars of donations by the poor meant to go to the even poorer to pay their "administrative costs."

    HYPOCRITICAL politicians who run on a platform of "family values" and the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. Then after election are caught frequenting prostitutes or gay bars.

    Obama and the current administration is no worse than all of the administrations that came before. HYPOCRITES all. What America stands for and what it actually does, both at home - and abroad are frequently diametrically opposed. Say one thing do another … the very definition of hypocrisy. I cherish the American Dream, yet despise the American Reality.

    Some might say "if you don't like it here, move somewhere else" many did in the 60s - to Canada during the Vienam War.

    Make no mistake I am proud to be an American. The American people are as hard working and generous as any on earth. But I am not so proud of our government regardless of political party. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
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    Seeing America as a providential nation
    Dinesh D'souza.

    For all her faults & the coming "summer of chaos", Miss Liberty is still the hope of tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free
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