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edited July 2016 in About Goldmoney Products
Hello, original poster @nixon. Here's a post edit from your friendly neighbourhood Admin.

Please note that you will not be permitted to threaten myself or employees of this company here on the Community. I am not concerned about "losing prestige," as you put it, by removing your defamatory and incorrect accusations. All discussion is welcome here on the Community, but participation is a privilege reserved for those who are respectful. I will respect your wish of not deleting your post, but I reserve every right as Admin to edit your post and remove your nonsense. You were directly provided with information as to why your referrals were not legitimate.

Please let this message serve as notice to any Affiliates that if you have concerns or questions about the Affiliate program, you are to email [email protected] Affiliate-related content posted on the Community will be removed. The Affiliate program is not related to platform function. Threats will not result in payment to you, so please be polite and respectful in your discourse.

All the best!


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