Prepaid master card

I have not received my prepaid card in over 2 months. Is anyone else having issues contacting bitgold support and getting their cards? Their system feels risky and I'm thinking to not use their service.


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    @bitgolduser12 I don't think there is much risk in the system. The card does take a long time to receive sometimes for people, but I've never heard of someone not getting it eventually. You can always redeem your gold in physical form if you are worried :)
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    @bitgolduser12 The arrival time can vary depending on what country you are located in. I am in Canada and mine took less than 2 weeks to arrive, I have seen some other users mention 6 weeks for theirs to arrive. 2 months does seem excessive so I would recommend sending an email to bitgold support.
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    @bitgolduser12 - Yes, two months is definitely too long for you to have not received the card. We will proceed with a reissue for you!
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    @Melanie , I had sent you an email since the 19th accompanied with a verification to correct my address error and have not received a reply yet, I resent it several times after that.

    I have a valid postal address and sent a verification to confirm, however I rarely ever use it as it is neither reliable nor prompt, I have had several things been lost and never recieved. That is why I started dealing with a international courier shipping company since 2010, it provides excellent services and I can testify to that.
    I would prefer if my card is sent via my courier company, because I am definite that this is the only way my prepaid card can arrive safe and prompt.

    I provided tiw address of my chosen courier and hope you agree on my suggestion, noting that this suggestion is only to ensure the arrival of my card safe with no delay.

    @Melanie , could you kindly look into this as it has been more than a week with nothing from the support team...
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    Hi @Rj838 - I have received your message, I have been verifying with our card provider that they approve of your shipping address as they are typically very strict on cards only being sent to the residential address. I should have notified you that this step was occurring, I was optimistic I would get feedback sooner than this, so my apologies for not replying sooner. I have vouched for the change as you've been a great participant here on the Community, so I do believe that I will get the necessary approval for your case.
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    @Melanie, always of great assistance, can't thank you enough,... appreciate it.

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    @Rj838 Trust that @Melanie is working as hard as she can for you :) we don't call her The Legend around here for nothing. She will work hard to fix your problem :)
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    Opposite experience here, my card arrived in New Zealand in just over a week :smile:
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    @GoldMatters, You may call @Melanie the legend, but I call her bitgolds fairy a she truly works magic and solves everything she gets a hold of :) .

    I am all calm and rested once I know that she's on top of my business.. God bless.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 3,961 Admin
  • JuanNeooneJuanNeoone Posts: 1 Tin ✭
    Hi @Melanie ,

    I have not received my prepaid card, my request has been approved on 22 november 2016.
    Please help me.

    Greetings from Colombia
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    recebeu o cartao
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    Hi I was having some issue with my card,i had to request it the second time and it arrived in just 2 weeks and I am in Africa in takes time and I advice to all my fellows that are living outside the canada and USA to use the COURIER it's more safe and the package arrive successfully!!!
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    Hi anyone knows how long takes delivery of GOLDMONEY prepaid card to Argentina ??.
    Still waiting since advice me shippment on march 18th.
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    It's been 3 weeks for me, and I also used the courier service so it would be more reliable and i still haven't received it in Canada. I suppose if it's not here by the end of the week I will contact customer support to see what's happening.
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    I received both my USD and GBP card pretty quickly, surprisingly fast in fact, considering I am in China.

    However, my wife, who is Chinese, has applied numerous times and encountered various issues. She's afraid to use customer service and the community because everything's in English. She's decided to just buck up and hope to withdraw in cash some day.

    The issue they described this time is that her name was not the same as the name on her ID, but I checked while helping her and it was. She tried her national ID, which is all in Chinese, but GM requires Latin characters, which I guess could've caused confusion over Pinyin (Latin characters) vs. Chinese characters. Then she tried her passport, which is both Latin and Chinese characters and had the same problem.

    I'm more forward and assertive than she is, so I'm saying it now. I know it's not my account and it's her responsibility but how does GM deal in general with this issue? Not every country or ID uses Roman/Latin/English alphabet......
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