BitGold has turned me into a MoneyGeek

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:smiley: now I am just losing the plot with all this subterfuge and intrigue that lies behind global banking!

In a bizarre moment of morphic resonance I went into a little antique shop here in New Zealand today and picked up a wee autograph book to look at. It was dedicated in ornate decorative script and pictures to a woman leaving her job at the Bank of England in 1940 and has all the signatures of her workmates in it.

I am going to use it as the conceptual basis for a short story or art piece or similar work of whimsy and indulgence. Have already managed to GoogleStalk one of the signatories to an English Cross Country champion.....his obit presents him as a real character.....may weave it into some tall tale about Operation Fish meets Sci-fi futuristic ponzi collapse set in 2025...hilarious! ;) this productive? Who cares!

This story is writing itself right? Write!


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    @Penny_Dropped welcome to the club:) I spend all my time thinking of ways to help this Company. If you are a MoneyGeek, I am a Goldmoney Geek, and we are all Geeks together :)
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    Further to: didn't everyone have such beautiful script back then? Fountain pens for all! :smile:
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    The joys of serendipity.
    Would love to read the story. :) @Penny_Dropped
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    @Penny_Dropped tell us more about yourself. Your post was extremely well written. You are a great addition to this community!
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    Sadly my handwriting looks like a combination of Celtic runes and boustrophedonic cuneiform.
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    Well @Electrum I'm someone who has had the good fortune to survive my adult life thus far as a creative in business: made and retailed high end knick-knackery (we call it art to keep the punters happy.)

    I am embracing the cliched midlife rearrangement a la the textbook, and G'ingTF out of retail into covert manufacturing of aforementioned knick-knackery.

    Seeing I no longer have to prance about like a show pony playing the cheap bit part of the artiste in the public eye, I have some spare time on my hands.......enter the ability to make provocative artwork for 'just-because' well as the keep the wolf from the door stuff....

    So I have added the smutty publication of the NBR Rich List (NZ) released this week and sourced from my local independent bookshop to my creative resources (listed above) and I'm letting it boil....something will be expelled at some point.....creative process and all that......

    Artistic moment of the day missed! when the ladies at the bookshop (who are highly intelligent and should know better) gushed 'will you sign it for us?!'......because who would buy the Rich List apart from someone with NPD right? My honesty got the better of me and I declared that Satans Journal was going to inform some creative purge of unknown some stage. A true artist would have said 'Why of course' and feigned some elaborate persona:opportunity lost :neutral:

    I then declared the entire publication the supplementary reference for the DMSV chapter on Antisocial Personality Disorder and asked it be put in a brown bag.......

    I feel dirty.

    So more about me, I'm a bleeding heart egalitarian I suppose.....with a lot of spare time on my hands.......clearly! :smiley:
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    Just found out what that means @79Au197 :)
    All my discombobulation has ceased. B)
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