Richard Koo: If Helicopter Money Succeeds, It Will Lead To 1,500% Inflation

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The US money supply could balloon to 15 times its current size, sending inflation as high as 1,500%. The corresponding ratios are 28 times for Japan and Switzerland, five times for the eurozone, and 11 times for the UK.


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    I've held the view for a while now the the only way out of this massive debt mess that we're in is to inflate it all away.

    The other option, defaults, forgiveness etc will never happen.

    Here are be benefits of large scale inflation 1) Debts are reduced in real terms 2) People get pushed in to higher tax brackets.

    The negative... Savers in fiat (do they still exist???) Get screwed, but they should be used to this by now!

    Obviously owning gold will enable you to maintain your purchasing power.
  • rohanibuang61rohanibuang61 Posts: 2,379 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Mark_79 yes informative write up and like it too. :)
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