A few comments on the new Goldmoney response.

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Ok, I had to pop on here to leave a few direct comments... Its been fantastic to see the early feedback, and real time passion on here from everyone around the new Goldmoney look!! Internally we are pleased with the upgrade on the front and back end, and more importantly, it sets us up to start introducing a lot of great new features and other improvements to come. Seeing some of the early comments here in the Community REALLY has a great impact for everyone here on the team, so Thank You!! You are the advocates of our future together.

The name change was not as easy decision as what it might have seemed. The BitGold brand was Roy and Josh's baby. But they both exemplify the full commitment to build a unified global ecosystem that everyone can benefit from, and it made sense to start doing that under a new unified look that everyone can grow under. Their passion for this lead the charge to get a lot of key changes made in record time. This was not just a name change...it was a full on site upgrade. It's not as easy as some may think to execute everything that has been done for a company of this size, while still supporting a rapidly growing day to day business. There are many rockstars on the team emerging from product, marketing, design, finance, operations and customer support, and have to thank all of them for there massive dedication to the company growing. Again, the constructive feedback from the community here will continue to fuel us, make us better, and be a key ingredient to everyone's success. We're listening.

Yes, there's been a few growing pains we know of for users, and we are staying on top of them, and we are fully committed to getting things done right. We appreciate everyone's patience as we get to them. It feels like each week, we are getting more efficient as teams to outpace the growing demands from the platform, and we'll continue to get better as a young innovative company that sets really high standards.

It's great to see people around the world on here getting more educated about Gold, and how the platform can empower them in many ways with many new choices they may not have had before. That was part of the purpose of this company from the founders. Everyone is committed to expand that sharing of knowledge and interaction on here as well, so stay tuned. We also want to get more feedback from YOU, and get your help to spread the positive word out to more friends, family and businesses who can benefit from using Goldmoney. We'll be reaching out with some ideas on how you can help with the growth globally. Thanks to everyone here for your amazing support!



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    @Darrell The new platform is amazing Darrell. I continue to be impressed beyond belief with the commitment of managment to this game changing concept. I know how complicated this re branding has been, and the fact that it has been as successful as it has is a true tribute to the competency and passion yourself, @Roy Sebag and @Josh all have, along with ALL the Golden Ninjas.

    I am SO SO humbled and proud to be able to participate in this disruptive platform to the degree that I have, and believe fully that this is one of the most important participation I have had in a truly game changing vision, in my life.

    Thank you for everything so so much :):)
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    Thank you, @Darrell
    Great roll out.
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    @Darrell , Thank you Bitgold
    Thank you Goldmoney

    Thank you Darrell and all the Golden Ninjas.
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    @Darrell we love Goldmoney and appreciate all the hard work that went into rebranding. Everything looks great. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this great company. If I were you I would want to get paid in gold and Goldmoney shares. Best.
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    I probably have as good an idea of what is involved in this kind of upgrade and roll out as anyone, having done this myself. It is a phenomenal amount of work and even with the best processes little things get missed. Little things that can and should be fixed, but little things that most people won't notice. The Golden Ninjas did a fantastic job with this upgrade and as far as the user experience goes it went off without a hitch. The Fixes and Tweaks thread should provide the team with all of the niggling little things that fell through the cracks or got swept into a corner. Kudos to everyone at Goldmoney for this successful upgrade.

    Others above have mentioned how thrilled they are with the new platform and how proud they are to be apart of it. They have all said it for me. We are all in this together. Goldmoney truly is the future of money.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this.
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    Hey, I have that t-shirt! (Thanks @GoldMatters )
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    As @Darrell points out, dropping the BitGold name was not done without considerable trepidation. However, doing it sooner rather than later is the smart play. For one thing it puts an end to the confusion with Bitcoin and with the theft of some $70 million Bitcoin this week, that's a good thing.

    Even more fundamental is the fact that very few people even know about this company and platform at this time. Sure, the regulars on this Community forum are all pumped up and raring to go, but the average guy at the rink or the lady at the mall still have no idea what the heck we are talking about. So if we still have to educate 99% of the citizens, then better to start off with the Goldmoney brand right away.

    And what do we tell them to help them understand? In addition to the excellent high level work of the Founders and Goldmoney Wealth gang, I think we need the Canadian Tire Version of the Goldmoney bible. Straightforward case studies that can be read and understood in a couple of minutes. One example I use that works: I tell them that my wife put $10,000 in a bank savings account and got $120 interest last year. She put the same amount as well in her Goldmoney Personal account and saw it increase over $1100. That gets their attention!

    Simple story but effective. The Company needs to build a play book of such stories that all of us can use to spread the word.
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    The Gold/Silver ratio favors buying Silver at this moment - I have just opened a NEW question related to buying Silver with Goldmoney-Personal account. Thanks in advance for your points of view !
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