Withdrawal to a Nigerian Bank ( Gauranty Trust Bank Plc)

I have a concern and it is really bothering me. I have tried reaching your customer service and i got a disturbing response. I am from Nigeria and the only options for Nigeria to withdraw money is through bank transfer or redeeming gold i guess because the prepaid card is not available. I have to make some finding before depositing my money to avoid my money been locked up and unable to have it withdrawn. I contacted my bank Gauranty Trust Bank Nigeria ( www.gtbank.com) and i was given the wire instruction which was sent earlier as an email and i sent another some mins back before posting this message. My bank gave my a transfer instruction and which includes receiving the funds to citibank USA through Gauranty Trust Bank account there and then disbursing the funds to each clients account in Nigeria. But now i am kind of worried about this third party. This is my Bank instruction of receiving funds and not me. I am holding an account here in Nigeria here with them, please advise should i still go ahead and deposit or i should not? And also if there are old Nigerians who are doing this programme before me how have they withdrawn there money? I have already referred someone and i plan to refer more if i can be sure their money wont be stuck and i also plan to start my funding today. thank you.
I will appreciate your prompt response.


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