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    Congratulations @nigelmarkdias ! Looks like your article was picked up by The Goldmoney leadership ! :)

    Congratulation @nigelmarkdias , looks like your article was picked up by our leaders :)
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    @nigelmarkdias Very well put together, excellent job!
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    Thank you, @GoldMatters
    The joie de vivre in your picture, promoted a rewrite of this traffic exchange oriented post. :)
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    @nigelmarkdias I truly appreciate your support my friend. You are a #rockstar beyond all rock stars :)
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    Good article. More people need to be exposed to this line of thinking. I was speaking to a cousin who is very much into investing his dollars who says, "Gold is not a good investment because it has no return". My response was that cash bears no compound interest the way it used to and the only way to get a return is to keep investing and working with it. I feel I should not have to keep working with my money in order to retain the value because I already earned it once. He said, "Most people don't think that way." He didn't say I was wrong though. And it seems that most people have been dazed or hypnotized into believing that nothing is wrong with the debt spiral and monetary devaluation as @nigelmarkdias has stated in his article. When I say, "Gold retains value over time" people love to point out short-term volatility in the price of gold, and ignore the test of value over time. It is puzzling. But I think people just believe things can only be the way they are now, and lack the vision both to the past and future. Or they just bury their heads in the sand like ostriches -- denial is awesome -- let's all find our happy place where the economy is not about to collapse.
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    @RocketDog Well said. I couldn't agree more with your below statement. I too find it extremely puzzling.

    "When I say, "Gold retains value over time" people love to point out short-term volatility in the price of gold, and ignore the test of value over time. It is puzzling. "
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    @RocketDog Well said.

    I just had this conversation with someone yesterday. When someone tell me "gold is not a good investment" I respond with "gold is not an investment period. It's just money.:"

    Some get it, some don't.

    Fortunately I was able to flip the switch with this individual yesterday by putting the MasterCard in his hand. For whatever reason, this clicked, and he instantly asked me to sign him up, which I happily did!! :)

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    We are now starting to see some banks start to charge their individual and business customers to keep their money in the bank. This takes the form of higher monthly fees and/or negative interest rates. So not only is inflation eroding those savings in fiat but the actual number of savings units are deceasing on a monthly basis.

    It seems to me that Goldmoney should be inviting the customers of those banks to open Goldmoney accounts and keeping a greater portion of their savings in gold. I am talking about targeted ads immediately after the news of such fees breaks in those markets ( such as Ireland last week).

    Time to get down to some street fighting?
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    Thank you @GoldMatters @GoldIsCurrency @RocketDog
    "Time to get down to some street fighting?" Yes @GrandpaBrian
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