Time to start a glossary for the community board

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TKISATDSCIHTS = The-Knights-in-Shining-Armour/Thoroughly-Decent-Seeming-Chaps-in-Humble-T.Shirts (@roy and @josh ) attributable to @Penny_Dropped

TLM = The Legend @Melanie (duh)

TGMA = The Goldmoney Army (us on the community board) such as @nigelmarkdias and @Pinkdog

TGN = The Golden Ninjas (Goldmoney employees) attributable to @GoldIsCurrency

TGMPT= The Goldmoney Potato Bug Team (community members who seek out and find bugs like @79Au197 )

GMH = Goldmoney Hermano (or Hermana) (a close friend you have found on the community board) (formly known as bitgoldbros)

GRAMPS = @GrandpaBrian (unclear whether gramps accepts this nickname or not, hope he's okay with it, love this guy... here's a free plug to try and help smooth the way : http://www.thebitgoldfiles.com )

Okay I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but I've only have one cup of coffee this morning.

Anyone want to help??


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