Can't log in with IE 11

Hey, guys, I've been trying over and over and over again to login to GoldMoney to make a deposit. I have to use IE for this due to issues with my bank's website.

Every time I try to login, the dashboard starts to load, and then kicks me back to the sign in page, as if I'm not logged in. Sometimes I get an IE notification that says " is not responding due to a long-running script."

Please note: this is NOT a 2FA, password, or anything else issue. As you can see I am logged in now using FireFox, so the problem is not my password or 2FA or anything else user oriented. It must be IE 11 compatibility. I am also using Win 10 (I know, it's crap but I don't have a choice for now.)

For long periods (10s of seconds-a minute) IE will display the contents of another window or tab while I have the GM tab open. In other words, I'm looking at the GM tag, but I see the contents of my bank's tab, or a tab that's open in FireFox, or Windows explorer. Very strange.

I did actually get into the site once earlier today on IE, but the transaction wouldn't process, I do not know why.

I can do everything I want on GM with FireFox, EXCEPT make deposits. When can this be fixed?


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