The Strategic Importance Of ENERGY = GOLD = MONEY

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Energy has been the key driver for the value of gold and silver for thousands of years.

For the majority of our history, the energy has come from human and animal labor.

However, as coal, then oil came in the picture, this changed the dynamics considerably. With the peak of inexpensive global oil production, the world is about to experience one hell of a FINANCIAL CALAMITY. Very few people are prepared for what is coming.

With the understanding that most goods and services in the world are based upon all the ENERGY in ALL FORMS and in ALL STAGES, things are about to get very interesting. Some believe falling energy production will depress the price of gold. This is an incorrect assumption

Due to the massive funneling of the world's funds into paper assets over the past 45 years, this has artificially lowered the value of gold (and silver). Once the world wakes up to the fact that they are invested in ENERGY IOU's, investors will move into physical gold to protect wealth as oil production declines in earnest.
From Zero Hedge

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    Interesting information.
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    The Goldmoney Brain Trust (including Stefan Wieler, Josh Crumb, James Turk, John Butler, Alasdair Macleod, and Roy Sebag) all understand the link between energy in all its forms and gold. They have articulated this in their position papers and in their books.

    I note that today is another Apple Event day. In the Steve Jobs Era such a day would capture my attention big time. Sadly these days it's about as exciting as hearing that the Rocky !7 movie is opening. How can a company like Apple with its history and its massive cash resources settle for a diet now of "thiner and faster"? Steve must be rolling in his grave.

    I point this out to illustrate the importance of brain power and vision at the top of the enterprise. Intellectual energy may well be the most important form of energy.
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    Roy & Josh really drove this point home about gold being a permanent unit of energy. This helped me fully conclude the importance of gold- or sound money.
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