Gold redemption delivery.

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Sept.2 I put in a redemption request. Processed very quickly. Thanks.
HOWEVER I was never emailed a tracking number.
BUT the delivery, yesterday, via UPS arrived with no "signature needed" stipulation.

GET THAT? UPS was authorized to leave a box outside my door, in the open containing 5 oz. gold. They did not require a signature to release the box.

Think on that for a minute please. Anyone walking by could have picked up this box.

Think on this as well.....I bet anything that any insurance on this shipment ended when UPS abandoned the box at my doorstep. AM I right?

ANY claim goldmoney makes regarding safety and security just went out the window for me.

I potentially could have lost over $8000 CDN. in a heartbeat due to negligence in the security of this shipment.

(As it happens I was in my yard installing motion lights due to an active burglar in the area....THINK ON THAT for a minute please)

PLUS all phone contact numbers for the Toronto office have been taken off the site? Anyone notice that?

I am livid.


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    What do you mean by "Sept. 21"? That's either a year late or one in advance!
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    Hey @mao, that's pretty scary. It will be interesting to find out what the instructions were to UPS and whether UPS simply failed to follow proper shipping protocol for that package or where else the break down in security might have occurred. Have you also followed thru with UPS on this matter?
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    @Mao I know that we have already corresponded via email earlier, but I wanted to express my apologies again. Our deliveries through UPS are always instructed to require a signature, and it appears that UPS did not adhere to our sending instructions in your case. We are investigating this with them as this is unacceptable.
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    That is not good. Thank goodness you got your gold. Hey where do you live? I can wait in the bushes next time. Bad joke. I know.
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    Hey @pinkdog I almost made that very same joke and then decided against it. (Bad dogs, very bad dogs.)
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    I have experienced that some carriers like UPS or FedEx when delivering to very rural/remote areas they will sub out the delivery to an alternate delivery man and deliveries of this nature can arise. Not saying this is the case but I have seen it where Bill knows Martha and they leave it at the door. (yes, very rural) The other situation that can arise is if UPS or FedEx has a release letter on file (which can be years old) for that location they will just leave it at the door. I am not saying either of these situations is the case here. TLM (Melanie) will get to the bottom of it. Glad you received your gold @mao.
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    YEAH. I GOT the redemption. And yes I am rural. That is the reason I use Bitgold.

    Some idiot should be taken to task for this. And Bitgold/Goldmoney needs to set strict procedures. I do not care about "farming out delivery" excuses. This could have resulted in an 8-9K loss for me.

    I have still $ credited to my 2 accounts. And I wonder.
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    Any company. Any bank. Anyone who holds (at time that I redeemed) over 17,000 CDN of my assets and gives me no phone number to speak to them?
    Who song and dances me with some nonsense about web-based communications? When over 8,000$ is treated so poorly and there is no phone to call? Only some email that promises 1-3 day reply. What do you do when 5 oz. of gold are being treated like a letter in the mail? WTF?

    So Bitgold appeased me??? by crediting some into my account. Does not work. This was not a solution to the fact that I tried to alert you and your business model has cut off any human contact.

    I know that many people ask many stupid questions. Mine was not that. MasterCard/Visa have phone lines. Even the banks do. WHO was I to call if this shipment had been stolen (and that was a clear possibility) and who was going to cover the loss? (HEY I know the answer and that was ME)
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    Greetings from Dubai @mao
    Its exactly feedback from you & the hands on human response from @Goldmoney (in this case exemplified by @Melanie) which is getting me back into the stock market. Accumulate, buy & hold: XAU
    I would also prefer a human to speak to 24x7 in my language, that's the voice based customer service Holy Grail.
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    I agree totally that there should be a support number!
    Like if it is like Paypal does.

    There you can click on the link "Service and contact". That leads to the login page you have to log into the PayPal account. Once logged in there is the phonenumber to call including a PIN number.. so just not anybody might call!
    @Darrell should know that fact best actually...

    I love how Goldmoney works and I know that it's a startup. But if you leave your customers unsatisfied in support questions they probably will loose their faith! So just don't let that happen and respond support questions whithin 24 hours! And make it happen that we can call in urgent matters like this one here!

    What happens when @Melanie is sick or needs some holiday???

    Think about it quickly and change your service and support system urgently!

    @Roy Sebag @Darrell @Josh Crumb
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    I agree there should be a phone number to contact Goldmoney direct. Most things can be sorted out through an email however there are times when a phone call is required and that support should exist. However I don't agree with blaming Goldmoney for a shipment that UPS error-ed on.

    Melanie advised "Our deliveries through UPS are always instructed to require a signature, and it appears that UPS did not adhere to our sending instructions in your case. We are investigating this with them as this is unacceptable."

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    @GoldIsCurrency I agree that phone support is needed. However how do we resolve the issue that was given as to why they ended it? I think Goldmoney said something to the effect that they get people calling in that speak 150 different languages and there was no way to accommodate that situation since it is a global network?

    I think phone support IS neccesary, I just am not sure how it would work. Any ideas from the group?
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    I think technology could help. A phone bank could be established with remote employees in the major world languages, maybe 10-15 rather than 150 -- most people who speak some odd dialect also know one of the major world languages well enough to do business. Also the idea of PIN enabled phone calls, so that harassing calls, by generally disgruntled people could be reduced, and the genuine "need to talk to a live person" can be met. Another idea that might work is that if a person requires a higher level of more expensive phone support, they could pay a fee for that. Whereas those of us who can be less problematic and deal patiently with web interfaces can be rewarded by not incurring those expenses.
    Or add the online "Chat" feature so that live help can occur with typing rather than voice but the disgruntled "help" messages are more private.
    This problem is not unique to GoldMoney. The model could probably be based on tiered support for IT help--I think that would be similar. Or concierge services might be another model. I think GoldMoney has a real challenge on their hands here, balancing the legitimate needs of legitimate customers, with the overwhelming presences of internet scammers, hackers, bullies, and malcontents. I would guess they will be studying the general benefit of all the "noisy complainers" vs. the "silent majority" in their bottom line when they make those decisions. Nobody is forcing anybody to use GoldMoney. It is not a public service. It is a business and it is totally elective. If consumers don't like it they could choose not to use it (after they settle their current dispute--noisily--on the discussion board).
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    @RocketDog great ideas, really appreciate you input as I'm sure does the company.

    I expect people understand that additional workforce would raise the costs of using Goldmoney as employees are expensive.

    I do think the ideas you mentioned could be a part of the solution. Like you say, some might be willing to pay more for more expedious support.

    Back in the day (2015) we did have a live chat feature here for a while.

    I think that the boost in the admins that are monitoring this board has help already..

    Work in progress...

    Thanks again for your ideas
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    Goldmoney has the data on their user base. I think offering phone support for at least the top 5 languages based on the user base would be a starting point and as the user base grows add additional personnel to cover off more languages based on the growing areas. Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world speaking over 150 different languages within the city limits so obtaining coverage of various languages should not be a problem.

    I like the idea of a pin number to help avoid harassing phone calls. I would say entering the number of your prepaid card the same as you do when calling a bank would be great however considering the prepaid cards are not offered to all countries makes it difficult to do it that way. Maybe entering your phone number that you signed up to the platform on. Verification of the caller/user before an employee answers the phone would help deter harassing phone calls.

    I think not having phone support could make some new users skeptical in regards to the legitimacy of the platform. That in itself is enough reason in my mind to offer phone support.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 3,961 Admin
    @GoldIsCurrency good points. This seems to be quite the conundrum and I hope to see further improvements in support.
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    Nomidas said:


    What do you mean by "Sept. 21"? That's either a year late or one in advance!

    Please read carefully. The sentence says Sept.2 I (you mistake the I as a 1).

  • maomao Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    Customer support blamed this on UPS.

    I do not agree. UPS is their agent in this matter. Goldmoney should ensure their instructions are followed each and every time.
    In this case I think the problem started right in Texas when the delivery was assembled and handed over to the delivery company.

    This is just not good enough and I am rethinking my previous enthusiasm for this company.

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