How long until $10,000 per ounce?

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    Very good reading. I find it encouraging -- in my state of gold accumulation that I may have more time to buy before the real price in gold is reached. I think this is a good time and GoldMoney is a good mechanism to for the average minion who can save a few dollars from each paycheck to invest in something of actual value. Every generation of westerners (maybe even global population) since the younger baby-boomers (include all of Gen-X and Millenials) were born into a scam economy and have never had a chance at saving the balance of their work effort unless they bought real estate -- and even then it was dicey. Now we can. If gold/silver become the future--if we can avoid another fiat scandal--then gold is the place to invest, no matter how long it takes for the real price of gold to be realized.

    (RocketDog begins to rant here...this is a good place to stop reading.)
    I am not saying it is a sure thing. We will also have to be diligent and alert to the ways that the government and larger financial powers will try to steal our wealth through new taxes, restrictions on movement and usage of our chosen medium of exchange, reporting and intimidation, and outright seizure.
    Get some gold, learn martial arts, get out of your comfort zone, plan to "occupy" some public places, meet your neighbors, talk directly to other people with good ideas (like on this and other forums). I don't think things have to get completely out of control but I do think we will need to make a stand to maintain our rights to our wealth. This is something that the average comfortable westerner finds unpalatable. And it will be -- probably way more boring, uneventful, and protracted than any zombie apocalypse or doomsday scenario. It will be a bunch of financially repressed, educated people standing in large groups and saying "Why can't I have my paycheck before the government gets it and why can't I get that in gold? I'm confused." This followed by blank stares from government and probably so much civil disobedience that the scales eventually tip in or favor. Or They call for the "scoops" (Soylent Green).
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    @RocketDog I love the idea of more cooperation with other like minded individuals that want to figure out positive solutions together and help each other. That's what this community is all about :)
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    Melanie said:

    @79Au197 *sister :wink:

    @Melanie - I do not understand. Are you implying that @RocketDog is female? Or are you referring to yourself?

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    Surprise @79Au197! It's true. I am just too lazy to change my avatar away from the default guy. No deception intended. I admitted it in a different thread, which you apparently did not read. I don't see why it matters in an online discussion. Other than pronouns... and I never would have bothered mentioning the pronoun. Thank you @Melanie for your concern... that was thoughtful, but unnecessary.

    In Mandarin the word for her and him is the same "Ta" and even in writing they did not delineate the two until China started to become westernized.
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    Honestly, if a person sees a male avatar, they should just be able to write "he" or "brother" ... nobody should be expected to do anything other than that... Now I'm gonna feel all guilty and go find an avatar that's wearing a dress and then I'll have to sit in the corner and play nice and be polite and all that nonsense... can't we just be digital presences of an undetermined nature ... whose validity is judged by their contribution to the discussion?
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    @RocketDog yeah, I missed the relevant post. Then again my avatar is younger and better looking than I am >:)
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    @79Au197 And apparently you are missing one eye? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
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