Deposit to Zurich never cleared

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I recently made my first deposit along with the free gram bonus, I waited for over 4 days for the deposit to clear but nothing happened. So I sent an E-mail to GoldMoney asking if anything was amiss but no response till the 6 days passed and further the deposit was waiting to be cleared. Now the deposit is gone and I still have my money on the bank but nothing in my GoldMoney account and furthermore I have missed out on the free gram bonus.

Being quite disappointed in GoldMoney by this turn of events I sent another E-mail and now hopefully someone from GoldMoney will answer this forum post perhaps, about what is going on?! I find the customer support on these things lacking when I desire an engaging quick response.

I also feel a semi-public forum isn't the place to discuss things relating to my account. But I digress, I would still like to make my deposit but I am hardly excited for another 15 day waiting period hoping a deposit is cleared.


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    Hi @SamuelV - your first email was responded to by our agent Craig a week ago - do you perhaps see it in your junk folder? I see that you have also emailed in today as well, so I will respond there as well. Do note that for future emails to please contact us from the email address associated with your account. Here is the message that was sent:

    "Have you taken the wiring instructions provided to you to your bank to initiate a bank wire transfer with them? As noted on the instruction page, this is necessary in order to make a wire deposit to your bank account. A wire must be initiated by the bank account owner, so we cannot initiate this on your behalf. The instructions were sent to you by email as well, or you can simply initiate another bank wire deposit on your Goldmoney account. This will not cause two deposits to be made, the deposit amount is determined by the amount you authorize your bank to send via wire. If you have already sent the wire with your bank, please let me know and I will escalate this further for you."

    Many users forget this step of taking the wiring instructions to the bank! Also, please note that the first deposit bonus is not available for wire transfer deposits.
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    Also, please note that the first deposit bonus is not available for wire transfer deposits. :'(
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