Card has not arrived almost 3months

CocoCoco Posts: 20 Tin ✭
Dear @Melanie

My card has not arrived after 3 months of waiting
How can you help me?
May i know the possible cause why my card never arrived after waiting almost 3 months?
Is it possible that my local post always lost my card in 3x?? How long we will need to wait to get our card? 3,4,6months or more?? Please let you clear if the free goldmoney card will really arrived or not ..or we needed to pay a fee for card courier before we get the card!
I have read some post of users about the goldmoney card and they still waiting 3 to 6 months but it never arrived ..
Kindly please share your experience guys if how long you wait before you get the card atleast all are awared especially to all newbies have planning to request a card! Sorry for my bad english..


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