Goldmoney Teams Up with PayPal!

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Hi Goldmoney Community members!

We're very excited to announce that we've teamed up with PayPal to further savings and payments innovation and provide you with a whole new way to purchase and save in gold, and protect earnings.

“Owning gold has always been one of best ways to protect one’s earnings and long-term savings. Given the volatility of GBP and EUR in the past year, the new PayPal vault strategically advances the utility of the Goldmoney Network for our Europe and U.K. users while simultaneously providing them with a new way to build gold-based savings and safeguard their wealth.” – Josh Crumb, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Goldmoney Inc.

Secured and insured by Brink’s, our new exclusive PayPal gold vault for users in the UK and Eurozone gives unprecedented access to physical gold bullion, and saves the hassle of shipping and storage fees.

Through the Goldmoney Network, you can instantly redeem their gold balance back to your PayPal account in EUR and GBP (or take physical delivery) via Goldmoney’s web-based Dashboard and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

You can now login to their Goldmoney Dashboard and directly link your PayPal account through a one-time secure sign-on and verification process. You can then use your PayPal account on an ongoing basis to instantly make deposits by purchasing any amount of gold. Instant redemptions of a your Goldmoney balance can be made back to PayPal – a payment method accepted by millions of merchants worldwide – in Euros and GBP.

If you are looking for support on how to make a PayPal deposit or redemption, view our support articles here!
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