Hidden Secrets of Money - Episode 3

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For Episode 2 Money vs Currency - click HERE

Death of US Dollar Reserve Status

Although this is from 2013, Maloney predicts the emergence of Goldmoney at 18:38


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    Some additional comments on Mike Maloney and GoldSilver.com:

    Mike Maloney is technically a competitor to Goldmoney, as is for that matter James Rickards and most of the other prominent gold bulls who are not already part of Goldmoney (Peter Schiff for example). That does not however mean that their message is insincere or self serving. There are many truths about money and finance that governments, central banks, and banks in general have attempted to hide from the global populace. The voices of Maloney, Rickards and others are the voices in the wilderness calling out to us if only we will listen. The fact that you are reading this now, puts you in the select minority of people who have heard the call and chosen to listen. I am not asking you to automatically agree with anything you hear, but rather to make an informed decision based on as much factual information as possible. B)
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