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TheRaveneerTheRaveneer Posts: 108 Bronze ✭✭✭
Hi there... can one of you goldies help me?

I've read several posts that talk about "notifications" a user would receive (mostly Melanie) when we use the @TheRaveneer personal bleep tags. I've had several people reply to my posts, but I don't receive any obvious notifications anywhere that I can see. I don't get an email, I don't get a nice little "Facebook 1" anywhere, I don't even have a link I can click on that will show my personal activity (there is some Activity link that shows everyone's activity !?!).

I finally figured out that I can type my @TheRaveneer hashtag into the search bar at the top and I will get some brief listings of replies with my name. Is that the main method everyone is using?

I would really like an email when someone responds to a thread that I created, or I would love an email if someone uses my @TheRaveneer hashtag. Why not when you "get an alert" tie it into the alerts/notifications on the main Goldmoney site, where you can click on it and take you straight to the post in question.

So many people on these threads talk about lack of support, lack of direct line to call, it would seem that better notification capabilities would really help if phone support is unmanageable.

Anyways -- if this has been discussed before or I'm missing some obvious link or alert, then I apologize.



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