Website Frontend, 3 Issues

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I'm a new account holder.

The website front end seems a little wonky which equals scary.

1. After making my first deposit, when I pressed F5 to refresh the dashboard, the pending deposit duplicated on the screen, so I now had two deposits. Concerned, I pressed F5 again, and now I had 4 deposits. Signing out/in fixed it. Quite disconcerting for a new user.

2. My deposit still shows as Pending on the dashboard, a full day after receiving an email that my wire transfer has been accepted. Nothing on the dashboard has changed since receiving that email.

3. While trying to connect to the community hub, I typed in my name as the user name. It then prompted me for a password, but the text describing the password is the same as the text describing the user name, which makes no sense. Also after trying to enter both a new (community) password or my goldmoney password, it came up saying my account does not have a password. All very confusing. I finally worked out the problem was the username was already used, but this was not indicated anywhere on the page.

Some pretty basic errors here. I hope they are fixed soon.


  • PinkdogPinkdog Posts: 511 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I have been using the Goldmoney platform several times per week. It is taking a little longer for the pending purchases to be verified, but that is do to the high volumes. I'm not experiencing any other issues. The platform seems to be very stable and is working properly. Perhaps try making another purchase. See what happens. Perhaps it is your browser.
  • AmsterdamDanAmsterdamDan Posts: 13 Tin ✭
    I have had the same issue when using the mobile app to make a deposit. Twice I have been double debited for a deposit amounting to thousands of dollars that I did not intend to deposit at that time. I'm certain the team would refund me on this error but I never brought it up as I knew I would eventually make another deposit. For some people this could be a big deal and it should be fixed.
  • mau5trapmau5trap Posts: 26 Copper ✭✭
    Once months ago on the old mobile app, I quickly double tapped the confirm deposit button on my phone and was doubled debited. GM credited me though after I emailed about the problem. No problems with their customer service so far!
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