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I am unhappy with the personal account services area insofar as I could not locate an 800 number help line. I ordered a prepaid card and wanted it couriered to me but the button to trigger the courier option wouldnt work as I am in an area where there is mail service I suppose. I am traveling to London, England Later this month and wanted to be able to convert gold to British LBS. I wanted to make sure that I got my card on time rather than the 2 week turn around time I experienced when converting to Euros in the past. why do I have to go to the community for help? all it does is polace the service the compnay should be providing on the back of the customer.


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    I for one am glad we have to turn to the forum - no where else have i found gold at spot+ 1%!

    To be able to support this the costs must be kept at a minium surely and that means a bare minimum organisation.

    If you want phone service you shall have to upgrade to a wealth account i think.
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    Hi @CANADOG - as noted in the handy help tip provided when requesting your card, requesting your card be couriered will not increase the delivery speed. Regular mail was the correct choice in your case, which is a 10-15 business day delivery estimate. Unfortunately we cannot offer expedited shipping options at this time.
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    As the saying goes "life is full of little trade offs" >:)

    Plenty of high-priced financial services are available with 800 numbers.

    Goldmoney Personal is self-service for a reason … low user cost

    However ( @Melanie ) I would argue that Goldmoney Business merchants should get an 800 number.
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    @79Au197 Have to agree with your thoughts on Goldmoney Business accounts. There should be a 1-800 number and I also think a dedicated team to grow that business. The business accounts should be the bread and butter for this platform.

    A proactive approach to get those business's signed up. I would also be going after the gold miners aggressively. What is good for gold is good for Goldmoney and the miners! It should be an easy sell, supporting Goldmoney supports gold which supports the gold mining industry. Win-win. Could also have a team that goes in to educate employees the benefit of taking a portion of their salary in gold. The more people that understand how gold performs over longer periods of time compared to fiat the easier it is to sign on more customers.

    I know Eric Sprott owns shares of Goldmoney and is one of biggest gold bugs out there. I keep wondering if Sprott Inc. is a customer? Are they offering the payroll gold function to their staff? Just one more of the things I keep thinking about.
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    great comments and thank you all xoxo Canadog
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