Can't always buy gold on weekends lows?

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It's the weekend and gold is down to 39.50 USD, so it's a good time to buy.

I've bought a few times before, same computer, same location, same browser, but today we seem to have a problem.

All pages on the GM website work fine, except when you get to final page to authorize the deposit!

I'd like to buy at today's LOW price, but it seems like GM website won't allow it!

Anyone else have the same problem?



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    I would contact support about this, but support is painfully slow and unhelpful.

    Even after waiting, if there even the slightest reason to answer you with a machine-driven template response, they will.

    To anyone thinking of using this service - I've been with them a month and have made a few purchases.

    Peter Schiff and the others did such a good job at selling the service.

    I was really hoping this would turn out to be a good thing, and even recommended it to friends who did join, but am having regrets at this point.

    Seems to me there is no customer support to speak of, and looking at the backlog of unanswered questions, this community is not of much help either.

    So I am wondering if we are being driven to the real solution here at GoldMoney, which is to upgrade from the personal account to the wealth management account.

    Has anyone here had any experience with upgrading from the personal account to the wealth management account?

    What is the process? How long does it take?

    I have no need for telephone support; on-line support is good enough.

    Do they provide timely on-line support with a wealth management account?

    Is it worth all the extra fees that must be paid?

    Can anyone here respond to this?

    Is there a GoldMoney Administrator assigned to helping customers who post to this group?
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    Hi @recycles - I have just emailed you requesting further information to diagnose the issue. Very few of our email responses are actually templates, because most user inquiries involve multiple questions about different aspects of the business or specific questions about their account and result in personalized messages. If only one question is asked in a particular case, such as requesting a change in address, we do use a template to easily provide the requirements needed for that change. Our technical team is taking a look at the issue you encountered, and your feedback will help us to investigate further.
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    Hello everyone, I don't know about you, but the fact is, customer service for a personal account is painfully slow, giving me second thoughts about ever having become involved with GM or recommending GM to my friends and family.

    In addition, GM support does not answer all of your questions, nor do they answer your questions fully, at least that has been my experience.

    Yes, Melanie did reply to this board quickly as you see above, and she did send me an email, and I did reply to her email within hours, giving her all details (below).

    Problems with the customer service linger on and on, often with half-answers needing to send another email and wait several more days again.

    The industry standard for online support is typically a 24 hour turn around time, but with GoldMoney, we run into several days of waiting, if you get any response at all, and weeks if you must exchange several emails.

    Can you see how such long delays can be a problem, especially the way the price of gold moves up and down?

    Personally, I have about given up with GM already, and will make today's purchases at J.M. Bullion, which has always offered great support and service.

    This is unfortunate about GM, because I really wanted GM to be a service that would work for me.

    I hope these problems can be resolved quickly, so in the future I can give positive reviews about GM.

    For now, all I can do is wonder how long or how difficult it will be to get my investment out of GM when the time comes.

    If anyone here sees any hope, I still would like some clear answers to my earlier questions:

    Has anyone had any experience with upgrading from the personal account to the wealth management account?

    What is the process with upgrading this way? Did I miss any mention of how to upgrade in the FAQ?

    Does GM provide timely on-line support with a wealth management account; is it worth the extra costs?


    Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I use Chromium
    Copyright 2016
    Version 53.0.2785.143
    Built on Ubuntu,
    running on Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)

    Here are additional facts:

    In the past, I have used this same computer and browser to
    successfully make purchases at GM.

    In attempts to try again, I have cleared the cache completely,
    removing all browser data; i.e., all cookies have been removed.

    There are absolutely no extensions installed; i.e., no ad blockers, no
    add-on enhancements whatsoever. I use this browser exclusively for
    banking and financial transactions.

    I have attempted to make a purchased multiple times, and the same
    problem occurs as per the screen shot submitted.

    I have rebooted the computer, shutdown and reopened the browser,
    logged out and re-logged in.

    As of this moment, the problem still exists and I am unable to make a deposit.

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    Hello @recycles - in your case, we are diagnosing a technical issue that no user other than yourself has reported, and that we have not yet been able to reproduce. If we can not reproduce it (that is, identify how the error is created), we cannot identify the solution. We are working to identify this for you, but it is not a simple support question that we can instantly respond to. I understand that is frustrating, and we apologize for that, but we are still looking into this for you.
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    I would like to put a conclusion on this thread.

    Melanie has provided courteous, professional, and somewhat expedited service, and my faith in GoldMoney has been restored.

    For those of us with a personal account, email response from customer support can and will run somewhat slow, typically four or five days, sometimes sooner, but this should be expected for the low costs offered for the innovative service they provide.

    I can imagine they are running a tight ship at GM to keep expenses down, and rightly so, as should any business.

    If you need fast, more direct and personal service, then upgrade to the Wealth Management account.

    I am still not certain how to do that from an existing personal account, but no problem, I can hang with a personal account for now.

    The browser issue turned out to be my own problem, and Melanie handled an additional account issue in a timely manner and with no trouble at all.

    My recommendation is that if you need customer support on your personal account, simply be courteous, professional and patient.

    I have heard and read nothing but good reviews about GM from several voices that I have come to trust over the years, and my personal experience with GM backs this up.

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    @recycles thanks for this update!
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