How to buy gold

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I am fairly new to GoldMoney but have some pointers for newer members about deposits. of course this would depend on what country you live in and credit card debt. With a bank wire you still need to go down to the bank and probably pay a wire transfer fee which on top of a 1% fee you have the wire transfer fee, All these fees add up over time to what could have been used to buy more gold. I personally use a capital one card, I get 1.5% cash back on all purchases (which includes GoldMoney deposits) and everything else I buy, plane tickets, bills, grocery everything. I pay my total credit card balance off every month so I have never paid a cent in interest but I have used my cashback points to buy a few hundred dollars in gold. If you don't have a balance you will not pay any interest, your credit score goes up and you get cash back. The only thing better than having gold is getting free gold!


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    That is a good use of a credit card.

    And with the recent drop in gold prices, it may be a good time to buy.
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    I had the same capital one card and all they did was hassle me every month about purchasing gold. They would shut down my card every month because they deemed buying gold with the card a suspicious activity.
    I always had to call the fraud department to tell them it was ok.

    I got tired of that. Now I just use my bank debit card and have no issues since. Your lucky.
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    @TimK I'm surprised to hear that, I got an email asking if I placed the purchase. After I accepted it that was it. There are 2 capital one quick silver cards. There is the Capital One "Quick Silver" and the "Quick Silver One" I personally have the "Quick Silver" I don't know if that makes that much of a a difference but I know the "Quick Silver" is a step above the "Quick Silver One" I can't say for sure but I have placed 3 orders so far and have not had any issues, if you have the "Quick Silver One" maybe upgrade to "Quick Silver" I personally like to use a credit card when buying online because a bank usually gives you only 3 days to report fraudulent activity but a credit card gives you 30 days, plus you earn credit and get cash back points as well. Hope this helps
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