2 ways to earn FREE gold

There are 2 ways I know of to get free gold in your account.

1. The first and obvious is to invite everyone you know to Gold Money. Sending your Gold Money link to everyone you know in an email, post it on Facebook, twitter, linkin, post it in the comments of videos on YouTube about Gold or Silver and earn the % of a gram of gold per person who signs up using your link.

2. The second is to use cashback credit cards, of course this would depend on what country you live in and if you have credit card debt. I personally use a capital one card, I get 1.5% cash back on all purchases (which includes Gold Money deposits) and everything else I buy, plane tickets, bills, grocery, Christmas gifts ect. I pay my total credit card balance off every month so I have never paid a single cent in interest but I have used my cashback points to buy a few hundred dollars in gold. If you don't have a balance you will not pay any interest, your credit score goes up and you get cash back for buying the things you were going to buy anyway and get free gold for doing it.


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