Ideas on setting up your account

My wife and I both want to keep out saving / emergency money in safe havens from fiat currency. However She like to tends to pull out money more than I do. So We gold serrated into 2 vaults for "savings" and 1 "just in case" vault. I keep all my savings In one the Zurich vault, she keeps her savings in the Singapore vault. We also have a "just in case" vault for the money we use as a auto load option for our debit card in the vault in Toronto. We load up our "savings" vaults by transferring our saving account from our bank and some every paychecks. We load up the Toronto "Just in case" vault with money from, stuff sold on eBay, credit card cashback points, YouTube adsense money, Amazon associates money.


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    I really like using Goldmoney for my emergency funds also. This morning I sold some gold to see how long it would take to hit my bank account here in Canada. I was surprised, the money hit my chequing account in just 4 hours. I also have my prepaid card that is almost instant.
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