A Letter from our CEO - Welcome!

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I want to personally welcome you to the start of the global BitGold Community. In a modern world where technology and innovation dominate headlines, people communicating with each other is as fundamental and timeless as gold and civilization itself. The definition of community is people who are super passionate about subjects coming together with a sense of belonging and inclusion.

We are very excited about the technology that we are building here at BitGold, but more importantly, the problems we are tackling and the benefits being developed for our users around the world to preserve wealth and transact with each other more efficiently. We already have a very active customer base, with more than half a million users from over 100 countries just in our first 6 months. It’s become obvious there’s a lot of interest in the ecosystem we are building and the start of this Community will be a great resource for one another to build this further.

The priority for participating in this community forum is not the quality of the content but to simply start the conversation and open up a safe place for dialogue. I ultimately don’t care how smart or funny or observant you are. Those are plusses, but not prerequisites. Ask, Learn, Engage…and the conversations will evolve, but the priority is on how we treat each other. In essence… Don’t be an a$$hole.

I expect spats, arguments, occasional misunderstandings and even inevitable grudges. We’ve all done that. But in the end, I expect you to act like a group who care about each other, and show a level of respect no matter how dumb some of us might appear to be, no matter what political options some of us hold, no matter what ethnicity or social class, we all have an equal voice here to learn, share, engage, entertain and bring greater access and value to our lives using gold and cooperation.

From the founders of this company, to every staff member around the world, we are very committed to making this a world class company that our users will be proud to to be a part of. This community will play a large role in this. To educate, inform, and share knowledge. Everything from sharing the expert GoldMoney Insights Research to answering questions how to use BitGold, to the collective and individual opinions from users around the world and the impact gold has for them. We also want your constructive feedback on how we can make BitGold better, to help us continue to innovate, and build a service you love using.

Looking forward to the conversations.
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