Prepaid Card Activation

After 3 months I am finally in possession of the second card issued (the first apparently never made it through the mail). While I awaited the first to arrive I was able to view my, as yet inactivate, card balance ($0.00 of coarse) but with the arrival of the second card I no longer see the card, nor can I activate it.

When I click Prepaid Card on the dash board my only option is to choose a currency and order a new card, the "Activate Card link to the right" that I'm supposed to see is not present. I have read other poster's comments dating back to late September experiencing the same issues with activation has anyone had a favourable outcome?

I'm afraid the support mechanism leaves a lot to be desired, I don't feel secure loosing control of my money this way and have stopped making regular weekly deposits for the last 10 weeks because of it.


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