What is the best vault location to choose and why?

New member and would like other member's input. Thanks in advance...

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  • GoldIsCurrencyGoldIsCurrency Posts: 1,818 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    Everyone has a different preference depending on where in the world you reside. Two popular vault choices in prior conversations appear to be Toronto and Zurich. Dubai vault has some limitations on it, if you are planning on utilizing the Goldmoney prepaid card I would choose one of the other vaults besides Dubai.
  • GoldStandardCanadianGoldStandardCanadian Posts: 148 Bronze ✭✭✭
    Until I see a vault confiscation, or some sort of report that my holdings are unallocated, I'd say they're all equally safe. They have slightly different fees, but it's mostly negligible imho.

    I live in Canada so therefore I chose the Toronto vault. It cost a slight bit more, and for that I don't mind to keep my business locally.
  • 79Au19779Au197 Posts: 4,047 Gold ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Shangchai Singapore is most certainly an option as is Hong Kong if one is looking for a non-Western non-Eurocentric location. Even Dubai is possible if one understands and accepts its limitations.

  • NaseghNasegh Posts: 5 Tin ✭
    I preffer Singapore
    non westren country with strong ownership laws
  • TauntFourstarTauntFourstar Posts: 218 Bronze ✭✭✭
    If you have a personal account and a holding, i say Toronto so you can move your gold for free over to your holding in the future manually when needed. I still use my personal account and debt card utilizing the autoload feature. Still use the ach feature as well and until the holding can provide these key features for me, i will continue to use the personal account. I have ordered a holding debt silver card though to start getting used to the process on that end but in day to day, i will strictly use my personal account and fund toronto and singapore. My preferences
  • CampeadorCampeador Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
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    Not in thr USA.

    I think Singapore and/Hong Kong. The reason is that China and Russia are buying Gold. Gives me the impression that will be the standard. So is perhaps safer in Asia. I have some bits here and there but none in the USA; that is for sure.
  • hedgeybabyhedgeybaby Posts: 3 Tin ✭
    I chose Zurich.
  • GoldmattersGoldmatters Posts: 4,068 Admin
    @hedgeybaby The Swiss sure know how to store gold!
  • CampeadorCampeador Posts: 221 Bronze ✭✭✭
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    My money is on Hong Kong and Singapore. The Chinese and Russians are buying Gold by the tons. To me, I am assuming the west is in favor of the Gold Standard and perhaps is a safer place to store it.

    In the USA... is a big NO, Canada, and the UK are followers of what the USA says and does. Zurich, not so sure, the EU is acting too weird for my taste. Dubai is a toss up, not sure where this guys are going to sit on the Geo Political Arena. So that leave us with 2 choices, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    I have Silver on hand and Gold abroad.

    Keep in mind, there is no safe place in the world. If you have it on hand, will be risky to store, carry, use, or might be stolen. If is overseas, will be risky to get a hold of it, use it on the financial system, or simply, the Credit System (Pre Paid Card) might be worthless.

    My take is, keep some on hand and spread the Gold on different vaults of your choice.

    Is all an educated guess. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best.
  • RocketDogRocketDog Posts: 821 Silver ✭✭✭✭
    I agree that USA has a history of stealing gold from its citizens but I keep a little gold in New York just to be a good sport. I have most of mine in Toronto as it is just across the lake from me, and will be an easy drive once the retail store is open. I'll have to check into laws about how much gold/silver I can drive across the border with, and of course if either country is confiscating gold at that point, the answer would be "none".
    But I plan on obtaining most of my physical stash long before either country gets to the point at which it feels a need to confiscate. I have a little bit in Zurich too but I think I will be moving it out.
    I think that our assumptions that "Europe has its sh!t together more than we do in the west" may be outdated. If you see what is happening in Sweden, Germany, Norway, etc. you really have to wonder if Switzerland hasn't also fallen into foolish hands.
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